Vastion Cread’s Guide to Starting Strong! (Videos)

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Vastion Cread’s Guide to Starting Strong!

The very first thing you want to do when starting the game is get a good idea of what kind of team you want to have. I would suggest synergy teams that are sustainable, meaning teams that have effects that work well with each other and can keep chugging along fight after fight. This is important for when the Galactic War table opens for you. I have a few suggestions:

Jedi Team: (My personal choice because you have a lot of Jedi options) The first thing you will want to do is work on your consular and make sure he is leveled with the rest of your starting characters. Also, you will want to farm you Arena Tokens for Eeth Koth (I would not suggest putting too much effort into Eeth down the road as you will probably want to replace him with Ahsoka-Arena Tokens, Mace-Battle 4-A or Barriss-Battle 6-A). As soon as Squad Cantina table opens for you, you will want to try to get to Battle 2-F. The reward for 2-F is Old Ben chits and you are definitely going to want him for your team. You will also want to redeem your Cantina Credits for Qui-gon Jin. Qui-gon is a fantastic jedi leader. The last member and probably the most important is Luminara who can be farmed with War Tokens from the galactic War table. Fortunately if your team is decent you should be able to get pretty far on the table until you get her unlocked and powered up.
-A lot of Jedi: Although not all of them are reasonable for farming yet, there are more Jedi in the game so far then any of the other factions which opens the team up for all kinds of customization. With a Jedi team you will be able to pretty much build the team however you want.

-Yoda: If you want to get Yoda, you are going to have to build a Jedi team eventually. He is worth it from what I have experienced.

Nightsister Team: (This is what I recommend for a new player as it is the easiest to get started and improve with mild modularity.) The big perk to the Nightsisters is that you start with Talia and can farm her on Battle 1-G, while redeeming Cantina Credits for Old Daka, Ventress is also farmable with Arena Tokens and the three of them together are fantastic! Additionally you can go for the Nightsister Acolyte in Battle 2-A and farm the Nightsister Initiate with War Tokens however! You also have the makings of a good stun team, if you switch out the Acolyte and the Initiate for Coruscant Underworld Police, Phasma and or Royal Guard. However you decide to take this team, it is great for beginners and can sustain you through a Galactic War Campaign.
-Healing: The night sisters are excellent at healing themselves and keeping the party going.

-Turn Meter Reduction: Ventress not only grants speed to the other Nightsisters but also gives each attack a chance to reduce the enemies turn meter which as a leader ability is really strong.

-Stuns: Stunning in this game is really powerful, Ventress has a decent stun on her base attack and old Daka can stun multiples with her base. This also makes it easy to switch out the Acolyte and the Initiate with Phasma (optional leader), Coruscant Police (stuns on base and gains turn-meter from causing debuffs) or Royal Guard (Stun on base attack with tanking and huge hit points).

Rebel Team: (For the more advanced or leveled player) The rebel team is not as sustainable with the only healer needing the team to have status ailments in order to heal. However they are pretty strong. Firstly, You will want to start farming both Admiral Ackbar and Stormtrooper Han with Arena Tokens, I would suggest focusing on getting Ackbar first but then focus on increasing Han’s chits and gear over the rest of the team. Farm Luke Skywalker’s chits from Battle 1-B and farm the Hoth Rebel Scout with Cantina Credits. Last you can farm Biggs Darklighter with War Tokens.
-DPS: The Rebel team has a lot of Turn-Meter control, Attack Aid with Powerful attacks. True to form, the strike hard and fast.

-Star Wars Rebels: With any luck the Rebels will be able to add Ezra and the gang when/if they are added.

Once you have decided on a team, you will want to start climbing the ranks of the Squad Arena and get as far as you can. It is far easier to get to the top 20 Arena Ranking at lower levels, especially if you have a team with good synergy. And you want to get as high as you can because it will be the difference of being able to farm twice as much out of the Arena Shipments or not; not to mention the free crystals.
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