Stormtrooper Han?

I heard that he is good, if you have him as a character and uses him... there are questions I would like to ask...

1. How is he good?
2. Does he really give you extra turns?
3. How long does he usually survive?
4. Would like an answer in quite a detail (I am sorry for all this bother, but your opinion is very appreciated, thanks in advance)


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    Don't forget to use the search feature at the bottom of the page. Everything you need to know is here.
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    Read the other thread - I have to disagree based on my experience. I also have an ally that has a 7* Han built with highest level gear. If you don't have someone to dispel positive effects he can seem really OP actually. Even with heal immunity, Barriss can still equalize him, which gives him a boost. He has a 3 round capable taunt, so if you are letting him heal he can survive quite long once he's built up. Only takes 3 hits or so on him and he's fully filled the turn meters for all his allies. So you end up getting hit at a very high rate for the majority of 2+ rounds. Sure there are counters, but most stuff has counters. To sum this skill up from a tactical view, he can taunt and draw your fire while at the same time turning his allies in to Dooku level speed units. Think about anything that is slow or is deadly the earlier you move it up in the battle.

    I'd say a tough team would be Jinn as leader giving Jedi speed - use Obi Wan to lay down the mid tricks early with damage down as Jinn speeds him up, - then you can have Han taunt and while they are damage down for 2 rounds hitting Han, he will survive pretty well and your team will go full Ludacris Speed for 2+ rounds as they hit Han with cotton balls. Put him with one healer, probably Barris for equalization and then any other attacking unit to kill stuff. By the time the damage down effects wear off the enemy should be in very bad shape.
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    thank both of you for your opinion, I was thinking of putting in Kylo Ren and Darth Sidious as well, cheers for the suggestion
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