Geo Lightside TB needs to change

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I understand these events need to be difficult as dark side TB was difficult when it first came out. But geo lightside is absolutely ridiculous. Picture this fully relic 7 clones except for Rex which is relic 5. Battle begins b1 with 60 stacks does aoe for 300,000 damage and wipes out clones, round is defeated. B2 aoe hits my relic 4 Anakin on a padme team then follows by a basic wipes him out. Like I said I want it to be hard, but this is not hard this is desperation. I dread lightside TB there is literally no enjoyment getting smashed knowing no matter how much you upgrade your characters it simply won’t matter. The difficulty of this game should not be based on a future progression system but the current progression system. Otherwise there is no point to even playing this game because as geo lightside Tb is concerned it won’t matter.
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