Feature Request: Guild Practice Arena

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Hello all,

Here is a feature I’d really like to see..

An area where members of a Guild could fight each other’s Squads for practice..

You wouldn’t necessarily win anything, but you’d get to train against the Squads that each player in your Guild has set up..
Ideally, you could see all of the Squads that all of the players in you Guild have set up, and you could free-fight any one of them..
Some of the members in my Guild have amazing Squads, and I’d really love to see what it’s like to fight them.. Also, it’d be good practice for the Squad Arena, and the Grand Arena...

That’s what I’d really like to see..
PS: also, the ability to set ‘Squadrons’ (just like Squads, but for ships), and then do the same as above for Squadrons...


  • Iy4oy4s
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    CG: No.
  • Probably.. but, it doesn’t hurt to ask.. wouldn’t it be cool to have that, though?
  • Iy4oy4s
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    Probably.. but, it doesn’t hurt to ask.. wouldn’t it be cool to have that, though?

    Oh indeed it would, but CG has said they have no interest in making it, plus its too expensive. Their words, not mine.
  • I guess I’m not the first one to have thought of that..
    Expensive? I really don’t see how that could be true; all the pieces already exist, and if there’s no reward, then there’s no need to go into their ‘accounting’ mechanism..
    But, I see your point; CG doesn’t have a reputation for being open to feature requests..
    Still, with all the extra bucks that they’re making off of confinement, you’d think that they’d have the foresight to invest a little in cool features...

    Is there a feature that you’d really like to see?
  • 1000% yes. Many mobile games have mock battle systems vs guild mates or allies. CG just refuses to do it even though it be a terrific addition to the game
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