Rey ultimate bug (?)

Rey-L gas, wt, gk, jkr on defense


Gas-L 501st.

Rey entered ultimate state. Jkr casted direct focus on rex. Gas is standing, all cool.

Rey on her own turn used BASIC. ****. Defensive state persisted for another turn. Rey switched back to single saber mode, ultimate meter still full.

Time goes on, rey takes a turn. She casted the "i will kill you all bc i am Reeeeey" animation, ending her ultimate stand. The ability did no dmg, gas still standing. Ultimate meter full, defensive stand persists.

Rey finally takes her 3rd turn since she activated her ultimate. She casted sudden whirlwind, instantly killing all the clones (gas still standing) resetting her ultimate meter, ending the defensive stand, and triggering the standalone phase for gas.

Big-big **** moments following each other. Yes, i will report this to the bug section, but since i have pretty low hopes, i think awareness is the way to go. I dont exactly plan to reproduce it, but should it happen again i will try to provide more footage


  • a7p2632p8q10.jpg

    Rey after casting basic while being in ultimate, continuing the defensive state
  • Oh, sry correction i just double checked the pic, and misremembered: gas was sent to cover eventually, THEN the ultimate ending animation happened, no dmg was done, gas stood up with full prot and advanced, then sudden whirlwind killed all the clones.
  • The ultimate has an occasional bug, for sure.

    Sometimes Rey gets stuck in ultimate stance, but in reality she’s not damage immune. It is very hard to figure out what’s going on when this happens.

    Sometimes she gets stuck in ultimate stance and she is damage immune. For several turns in a row. This is beyond irritating when it happens.
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