Scarif Rebel Pathfinder Changes

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

We are making changes to Scarif Rebel Pathfinder’s Basic Ability in this week’s Update with Mon Mothma. The release of Mon Mothma will create a new team of Rebel Fighters (a list of which you can find here) and it was necessary to make a few changes to Scarif Rebel Pathfinder to allow this squad to have its own unique strategies and reinvigorate several less used characters. Without these changes, Mon Mothma’s kit had the potential to cause a nearly infinite loop when combined with the Turn Meter gained from Scarif Rebel Pathfinder’s Basic Ability, Dig In.

While we are maintaining his core identity as a reviving Rebel Tank, the Turn Meter gain from his Basic is a useful part of his kit. The addition of Accuracy Up and guaranteed Offense Up help to mitigate some of these changes and provide utility in the new squad, especially in the Republic Offensive Territory Battle where Droidekas have higher Evasion. However, it may change the overall value of the character for some players and we will be returning all Ability Materials used to upgrade Rebel Scarif Pathfinder’s Basic ability. Below are the changes that will be applied to Scarif's Basic Ability in the Update this week.

Old Basic:
Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 70% chance to gain Offense Up for 2 turns. All other allies gain 15% Turn Meter.

New Basic:
Deal Physical damage to target enemy and gain Offense Up for 2 turns. Grant Accuracy Up for 2 turns to a random ally who doesn't have it.
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