Darth revan or Padme team?

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Hi all,
First post :)

So, I have been playing for a while now (f2p) and I got to the point where I'm working on getting Darth Revan. I still half way through farming characters for Darth Revan event ( I have HK-47 7*, DBastilla 7*, Carth 5*, Juhani 3* and Carderous 2*). I really like DBastilla and I gearing her to replace Thrawn in my my current Arena team , which is a Palp, Vader, Sion, Nihilus and Thrawn.

However, I have seen that Padme teams are doing very well in arena. I'm currently missing C3po and JKA, but i got all the rest 7*(Padme, GK, GMY, R2D2,Ashoka).

I haven't geared anyone to G13 yet and I'm sure that whoever gets that gear will be my arena team for a while. I feel like this is a good point to decided which road I want to take, but I need your advice

This is my

Thank you!


  • Padme
  • With Padme, you'll have two good teams- Padme (Padme, Anakin, Ahsoka, General Kenobi, and your pick of a Galactic Republic fifth) and Separatists plus some really good ships (even more if you have Geos).
    With DRevan, you'll just have a really good team and four-fifths of a not great team with really only one ship available to you.
    It just depends what you want. Do you a really good team that you can get early on and can carry you to end game with more options opening up from that, or do you want a really good end game team that dead ends after you get it?
    I see you already have really good characters for Padme, and you're just missing JKA which is 100% required for her. You said you already have the most essential Galactic Republic characters 7* plus Padme herself.
    I'd say to drop Cantina energy for JKA and assemble a team of Padme, JKA, Ahsoka, GK, and GMY or R2 then climb the ranks of arena, since the you've put in the work and only need one more component to really make it work.
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