Some of the gear crunch is ridiculous



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    some of the gear crunch? just some?


    it all sucks


    I can't help it if you are wrong. :p

    It might suck for you, I can't argue that. You are not quite yet 4m gp yet, at some point (with good resource management) you will be swimming in things like mk5 medpacs, mk9 datapads, mk6 nub techs, mk7 sec scans, etc.

    Even droid callers are possible. I need 800 droid callers for my FO team / SLKR gear once I'm ready to start applying the gear. I have 950 right now.

    That's the issue, every time some one says resources aren't an issue they are 4m GP or higher. I remember never having any purple mats or credits and now that isn't an issue. So of course I assume as I keep growing it will get easier. So while it may not be an issue down the line is sure is an issue now when I need it. But at least you give me hope that it will get better. Thanks.
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    The misering of gear by design is what bugs me....i'll 5000 of gear level 3 and 3000 of gear level 5, but they intentionally make level 4 uber rare simply to stifle progress. Then strategically sticking that requirement in a ton of different toons.

    There are a few of those 'raid only' pieces that on rare occasion show up in the shop and you're just pretty much screwed, and the requirement sadly isn't rare. And some don't even show in the weekly shipments for literal purchase.

    It's simply to stifle progress. It's lame and makes the game more boring. You WANT to advance and build your toon, but, you gotta wait on the RNG gods to align to get just a few bits.
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