Poe Shards for Logging in.

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Aren't we supposed to be getting Poe shards for US/Canada Android users logging in? I have been off and on all day long and have yet to receive them. Anyone else experiencing this?

Or am I missing something. Does it drop at a certain time? Not sure what is going on with this event.


  • I got the message and shards last night, got the message tonight, but no shards.
    Can we still get them?
  • Sparrow
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    i got mine yesterday, but so far none today, and its getting close to time for me to get some sleep..... also been on and off all day as well.
  • I posted in another thread and have yet recieved any. Been off and on all day when i saw announcement.
  • SMan
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    I got them the first day, none yesterday...?
  • Also posted in another thread. I have noticed this as well. Received 7 shards in my inbox 2 days ago yet no more have shown up. I hope they rectify this as I have not unlocked Poe and he would be a nice addition.
  • For those still not receiving them, try force closing the app and restarting it. Can confirm it works.
  • I think I found out what was happening. I rec. shards on the 27th, the event wasn't supposed to start until the 28th. Rec. none on the 28 (catch up) and then rec the next batch on the 29th.

    I play on mult. devices, same acct, so fresh log in is not a problem for me, it is done whenever I log onto diff device.
  • StarSon
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    Were the Phasma shards not supposed to start for iOS today? Have not seen anything on it....
  • SteelersCA
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    @StarSon : as far as I know nothing has come down for IOS users yet. The rumor is that they are going to give IOS users 50 Phasma shards, probably because they gave Android users Phamsa as a gift and Poe to IOS back in Dec. during the release of "The Force Awakens".

    Now that they have given essentially 50 Poe shards to Android, seems fair to comp the IOS people with Phasma.
  • Same here. Started by getting shards, but then no more pop ups and no more shards. I sign in daily! What's the deal #EA
  • I didn't get a full 50 that is for sure
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