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Guild name: Galaxy Warlords

We are an independent, family run, Australian based guild of 325m GP with 49/50 slots filled.

Looking for active and competitive players with rosters made up of completed squads that are required in guild events and raids. We have the sith raid on farm so we are fairly flexible on who we can accept but generally we are after 5m GP players who have squads ready for Geo TB. If your GP is lower but your roster is lean then that’s also cool with us.

325m gp (49 players)
CPIT finished
Rancor Launch: auto launch sim
HAAT Launch: 7pm AEST (1 day 0 reg)
Heroic Sith Raid: 8pm AEST (1 day 0 reg)
TB: DS 31 LS 21, 38+ WAT, 10+ KAM
TW Rules Follow defensive instructions and don't join if unable to participate in attack.

Daily 600 enforced( Full TB contribution expected. If you can’t contribute during TW don’t sign up. Members that don’t set defense or do offense will be asked to sit out for the next one or be removed if they don’t comply (if you didn’t do offense because we full cleared at 8am that’s okay).

For the most part we're a competitive but relaxed guild. We love territory wars and get fired up about keeping our undefeated streaks going.

We push our limits to maximise the stars we get from TB as our GP increases, but we do like to keep things simple for all walks of people to understand. All members are building the squads required for TB and at the moment we are hitting the maximum stars for our GP.

If you're active and participate everyday you'll be warmly welcomed. We are all very active players and the majority of the guild is in the know and always farming for the next meta toons. We are looking for people who are relatively serious about the game, have an understanding of mods and want to do their best in all areas. You’ll find our guild to be generous with donations and advice, with a healthy discussion and lots of sharing in chat. We have a handful of great officers so the guild is very organised and well run. We also do a quiz night lol.

Aside from the conglomerate lording over the region, we are the next best thing and even beat their guilds in TW. We have a really good squad of solid and loyal members who all make an effort and play religiously. Not as hardcore as the top guilds but always punching well above our weight.

We use discord to communicate. Add me on discord at 50boiledcabbages#4525 or join us at if you have any questions.
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