uk based 178 mil gp looking for 2

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-Primal Alliance
-Uk based
-1/3 of the guild is US based (mostly East Coast)
-48/50 active members
-GP 178 mil
-All Raids have 24 zero damage period
-Heroic Rancor raid 3 times a week
-HAAT 2 times a week
-HSTR 2 times a week
-Raid times in est is 2 and 7 pm
-Raid times in gmt is 7 pm and 12 am
-TB 42* ls/ds
-18* ds geo tb
- 8* ls geo
- over 3 mil
-Territory Wars, very focused and great team ethic, with good strategy
-Discord: frtpskn#0937
What we are looking for:
-Like minded players looking to join a guild and grow together
-People who are willing to communicate
If you are interested please get in touch or if you have any questions feel free to ask.


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