Can we please discuss why we are still doing this horrid game mode?.. it’s stupidly frustrating to have to “re-learn” the game especially when dozens of hours go into learning and researching the normal teams. Probably would t be so bad if we had a SANBOX MODE!!!!


  • For everyone that hates the rocky road that is 3v3, there is someone who likes it way more than vanilla 5v5.

    The less repetition in a collection game, the better - because 5v5 is boring, with everyone using the exact same composed teams, if they have them. If your roster is well-rounded, you should be able to handle any restrictions thrown at your teams, be it 3v3, 10v10 or any other weird stuff that would be fun and different.
  • Konju
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    I certainly agree with the Sandbox mode in order to practice 3v3 comps. I’m not a fan of 3v3 but not everything was made for me.
  • With introduction of swgoh.gg counters the problem become almost non-existent. You still need to figure out exact tactics but hey... adapting to unknown situations is the part of the game.
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