Mon mothma best role leader or support?

Having looked over mon mothma's abilities can completed the event I cant make up my mind as whether to use her as a leader or keep her in a support under a commander Luke lead squad. Sure she is better suited for rebel fighters but for anyone who has attempted to use her what are your thoughts? Would she be a better leader or a support under a wedge lead squad or other rebel lead team.


  • I personally think she looks like she really shines most as the leader. She’s constantly assisting, when she’s the leader so her basic ability is not only constantly regenerating the team’s health and protection, but she also dispels the debuffs off of the healthiest Rebel ally whenever she uses it as the leader, or any of her abilities since they don’t do damage. Mind you, I think she can also be an effective support character under other Rebel leaders as well, like luke, but like I said, I think she really does her best when she’s leading the team with a good amount of rebel fighters.
  • Artumas
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    The only real reason to use her in a support role for rebels is if you're missing every other major rebel support and don't have any rebel fighters geared up at all.

    3PO, R2, Chewpio, and possibly even the more random chars (some of which aren't even rebels, like hoda) such as hoda/thrawn/ackbar/etc. would probably be more useful.

    CLS is a damage output based team. So if you're running the CLS/Han/Chewie trio, Mothma's not really going to make a real difference. I could maybe see running her under something like Old ben, Jyn, or some other secondary rebel lead, or running her under CLS if you don't have chewie and are running a more tanky team, but she simply doesn't really DO anything for CLS. She's sub-optimal even compared with third party supports and insanely powercrept characters like ackbar. Most fights under CLS don't last long enough to get the trooper promoted, and her kit offers basically nothing in terms of offense if you're not running her as a lead.

    MAYBE for raids, particularly if you're using 3PO on someone else like JTR, but not for normal pvp.
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