What is the best Sith/Empire taunting tank?

I just switched back to Empire because of Merciless Massacre (I only just got the zeta mats) and I need some sort of tank instead of TFP.
I'm thinking SET or Shore since they both pretaunt. Sion would be a faster farm and more useful in the team because of his debuffs. I'm nowhere near Malak, so that is out of the question.



  • Vendi1983
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    In order of my*personal opinion*:

    1 - SET because you'll need him later on in a DR team.

    2 - Sion because he revives and constantly regains taunt, plus he's extremely useful elsewhere once you change arena teams or unlock Malak. Plus the debuff TM train contributions you mentioned.

    3 - Shore.
  • Dang forgot to mention SET gets in the way of GBA. I hate high energy cantina nodes.
  • Sion best under EP IMHO.
    Brings far more to the table than the other 2.
    Mass dispel, pain, actual damage, self Res.

    SET is OK if running a slower DR, good under Traya

    Shore is OK,great for vs NS. eats carbs for Breakfast but handier to stick in random teams.
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