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Do you like winning? Do you like Star Wars? Do you have a vague interest in cheese and/or turnips?

Well, we can do one of the three, and sometimes two! (no cheese or turnipss are involved in this post...sorry to any keen cheese/carrot fans for misleading you).

501st Garrison is looking to recruit 5 new members to fill our ranks. We are a casual Guild who offer competitive opportunities for those that are interested. We prefer players to have a Relic level Darth Revan to join, but feel free to contact us to discuss if you're interested.

We are a 200mil GP guild, currently hitting 20 stars in Dark Side GeoTB and 10 in Light side, and new members are going to increase that record. We have a great track record on Territory Wars, not always winning but with several good streaks. Participation in TW's is not mandatory, but if you sign up, we expect you to take part (or we may be forced to take a favourite soft toy as tribute).

We have a great Guild atmosphere on Discord and friendly players throughout. We also have a significant collection of soft toys for sale.

We look forward to seeing you on the holotables! Message me here or join our discord (https://discord.gg/VdW69ev) if you want to know more...

May the force be with you.
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