Need Help with GL Rey

So first off I hate GL and I am almost considering not getting them because of how much I hate them. CG obviously doesn’t know how to run this game. And before you say “they’ve made a billion dollars” success in a game can’t be measured by money, but by how well they treated the community. With that being said I’ve tried so many Vader teams and they get destroyed. I’ve tried thrawn (L), Vader, bsf, wat, SET. Vader (L), bsf, malak, thrawn, wat. Many different teams and none work. All of them except for wat are reliced. Anyone else have success with Vader? I’ve seen the YouTube videos but I do not get the same results.


  • Draice
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    I have had LOTS of success. Vader lead, DR, BSF, Thrawn, Wat. I have my speeds so that its Thrawn as the fastest at 320 (non-modified speed), then DR, BSF, Wat, Vader. After all of Vader's speed bonuses, he's usually around 330 (making him the fastest). Put Weapon mod on Vader. Merciless Massacre - If they have JKR use your Force Crush on him, otherwise on Rey, then basic everyone else, you are aiming for ability blocks. Then if they have GK I swap TM over to BSF and put fear on GK, DR does his shocking AOE while targeting GK, you should get either Shock or Buff Block so you won't get caught in a taunt. Then Fracture Rey. From there just basic around putting ability blocks on or attacking Rey with basics until you get to Merciless Massacre again. Put Force crush on GK (or if JKR is in, on him), then Culling Blade Rey, she should be done. Then if they have JKR, kill him next. Easy after that, just keep ability block out there, especially on GAS, HODA, or GK, they all can clear debuffs.
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