Arena Defensive Improvements

Ok so recently my Arena experience plummeted and drastically, on the defensive side of things. Ive been checking update notes and havent seen anything that I believe would have changed my luck as drastically as it has changed in the last few days. And Ive been looking for ways to analyze and fix the situation. Ive seen a couple of ideas tossed around for Arena Battles improvements and would like to bring them up again and get them some visibility. These two improvements are to the defensive side of Arena Battles. The one area of the game we cannot control, but also cannot even see.
Arena Battle Defensive Replays

Ive seen this requested. And I agree its necessary to better understand the experience, especially given that we have no way of knowing what exactly is going on when people are attacking our teams to climb the ladder. Even though it matters to our score (and score based rewards) we are incapable of seeing it, analyzing it, and making informed decisions.

When the term replay is used, I imagine having to watch the video of the full match. However, I feel the desired effect could be best achieved with a mini "spreadsheet" if you will, for far less work dev side. Some people would prefer the video. I would prefer the data dump.

Example: Column A: Character/Offense or Defense, Column B Ability Used, Column C Result (damage done/dodge,deflect etc.), Column D Misc: For things like Dookus/Daka bonus stuns etc.

Dissemination of data solutions:

We had to sign into our facebooks one time for some bonus crystals and then nothing ever happened there again. Maybe use it as a chance for some shameless self promotion by integrating Facebook. If a player agrees to it you do a daily dump of our stats or links of the defensive replay into our feed. And maybe it can be a daily activity, so we can be your shameless daily promotional robots for a few extra crystals (please make it more than 2 if I am going to be harassing my friends and family on a daily basis =P )
Or send it to our in game inbox. Which aside from our daily arena rewards doesnt see much use at all.
Defensive Line

Because I have a heavy dps arena team, one could very easily explain away my woes by saying the RNG was unkind to me. But that just seems kind of cheap. So my team kicks butt when I play it, I kill two of their guys before they lift a finger, but then when Im done my daily matches and the AI takes over I lose every time? I have to say that half of the experience leaves me feeling kind of jipped. Solution - give us a button where we can pick our defensive line. Our team that plays when the AI is in control. It wont be perfect but it will be better than having to sacrifice our last daily battle every day.

Combined with the defensive replays, you've opened up a new area of the game for players to talk about, while removing the helplessness of having no information, and extremely limited control of the situation. At least you can look and see whats going and have a chance to improve your situation.
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