TIE Brute- Kit Idea


Affiliation: Dark

Class: Attacker

Factions: Empire

Description Durable Attacker that can shrug off barrages of enemy assists and call other Empire ships to assist.

Basic: H-s9.3 Twin Laser Cannons
Deal Physical Damage to Target Enemy and inflict Target Lock for 2 turns.

Target Lock: Call a random Empire ally to assist, dealing 45% less damage.

Special: Quell the Uprising

Deal Physical Damage to target enemy and call all Empire allies (Minus Capital Ship) to assist, dealing 50% less damage. If the target enemy isn't defeated, TIE Brute gains a bonus turn.

Unique: Transparisteel

TIE Brute gains Defence equal to 20% of its Damage. At the start of the battle, TIE Brute gains Damage Immunity for 2 turns and Taunts for 2 turns.

Reinforcement: Heavy Fighter

Enter Battle: Reduce the cooldown of 'Call Reinforcement' on the allied Empire Capital Ship by 1, then call a random empire ally to assist on the target enemy.


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