Endless Loop

I was in the hSTR earlier, 1.44% remained on Traya and all I had left from an offensive team was Enfys Nest.
For 15 minutes I watched an enraged Traya lashing out at Enfys whose protection was in overdrive. Her TM was being wiped so she never took a turn.
Other than crashing out of the game (which I had to do), is there another way to end the encounter?


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    The workaround is not to take Nest into p4 of HSTR.
  • twstdbydsn
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    This happened to me the other day. Didn't know it was an issue and I just sat there staring until i finally gave up.
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    @CG_SBCrumb hey another issue that could be resolved by putting a "leave battle" option on the pause screen please. Pretty pretty please?
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    That button already exists but you wont get any of the damage you put out. Plus the way you described what you want wouldnt work. How are you going to pause the game if treya is preforming said infinite loop? Can't pause the game during enemy turns.
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    I had the same problem with a slow Vet Chewy under GL Rey lead. Chewy was the last alive, got damage immunity and then took a thrashing from solo Traya for 30 minutes. Had to ditch a 10mil+ run...not that it mattered much since all the guild SLKRs had already solo’d the raid.
  • BobcatSkywalker
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    CG's ai is allowed to exploit endless loops. China banned them tho...
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