I am looking for a guild

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I’m at 2 million GP so I’m looking for a guild who takes geo TB and TW seriously. I prefer a 250+ GP guild, and would like both treya and Wat shards.

What I can offer:

600 tickets per day
100% participation in TW and TB
Will join discord for communication
Working heavily towards unlocking GAS

Ally code: 921-741-464
Link to swgoh.gg: https://swgoh.gg/p/921741464/
Galactic power: 1,923 mil
Character gp: 1,13 mil
Ship gp: 791K
Player level: 85
Number of 7*: 60
Number of 6*: 5
Number of 5*: 12
Average arena rank: 250-300
Type of play: f2p but serious and daily
Time-zone: GMT+2 but flexible
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  • Sorry to Ask...are you italian? Nickname leaves me some hint xd
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