Beat second round 3v3 and says I lost

On the 3v3 Grand Arena match, I had the advantage of higher GP than my opponent. I set up my highest defense in the front line and all my weakest in the back line along with my strongest shIPs. On the offense round I was able to beat one of my opponent’s front line teams while my opponent did not attack at all. Yet the computer says I lost the round.


  • Update: I Realize my opponent earned bonus points with side missions
  • Waqui
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    Completing feats doesn't affect the outcome of the round.
    Could you please post screenshots of your defenses - just to prove that you filled every defensive slot? And also a **** of the score?
  • Another thing: did you upgrade any characters after signing up for GA that might’ve made to have higher GP than your opponent?
  • It was completely my error. As I was taking screenshots of my defense teams I see I didn’t complete my ships set up, of course resulting in me having fewer points. Thanks anyway for your help
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