GL Rey makes 3v3 GAC totally unfun

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Now I wasn't a big fan of 3v3 GAC to start with, but Rey manages to make it infinitely worse.

I have my own Rey, so it's not as if I am complaining because I cannot win a match. I obviously can. However, Rey vs Rey has way too much RNG to save Rey for offense. Meanwhile Rey, Chewie and Han on defense cannot be beaten by anything except SLKR (or Rey with RNG going your way), and Rey, rhFinn and rhPoe is only very marginally better.

This basically draws up a really really STUPID recipe that I have now repeated for the last 6 GAs, winning some and losing some:

If opponent has Rey (or no GL at all, even though I haven't run into this scenario), set Rey, Chewie and Han. My opponent will do the same. Then it comes down to whether you can beat the other 6 teams in the front line + the fleet with more points than he can beat yours, as neither is beating Rey. This is not fun.

If opponent has SLKR, set Rey with something cheapish, as he will just use SLKR to smash it anyway. Proceed to have a normal GAC. This is the okay scenario.

Luckily I haven't run into anybody with both GLs, but from guild chat I know the recipe is: you lose.

However, regardless, the problem is the first case. Because it's only 6 teams, you set total trash at the back, and hold 6 good offensive teams, while setting 6 of some of the strongest teams on D. So in addition to missing the points for beating 5 teams and 2 territories, there is no way to do the feats: how can you beat any of the normal meta teams with imperial troopers or krennic + DT, or any of the other weird feats, which normally bring some spice to GAC.

So in closing, this just made an already badly balanced game mode even worse. Get rid of 3v3 GAC.


  • Rey being difficult to beat is no different than any other new character being difficult without a ptp character. If you bought Rey, you have a good defense and a better chance of winning. If you bought kylo, you can beat Rey but if you use him on offense you aren't guaranteed a win overall.

    But if you bought both, you'll most likely win against those that didn't.

    That isn't broken, that is working as intended as it is their business model to encourage you to buy the next new character. It may be frustrating for those that aren't whales, like myself, but it isn't broken. There are ways to beat every team in 3v3 gac. For the newest toons the only reliable way to beat them on defense may be to have one or both of them. Otherwise, it is rng dependent or you have to chip away and will lose banners.

    This isn't new. When malak first came out, it was difficult to beat him without having him. And the ftp counters were rng dependent. Same with GAS. Over time more counters become available and you have more options. The same will happen with Rey 3v3.

    There are probably non GL counters already. They may not be easy to find since many like to keep those secret if they can. And I can't personally test them because I don't have a roster full of r7 characters.

    My guess is that mando will likely make a counter team with his instant kill ability. No we'd obviously you can't instant kill Rey but you can the other two and whittle down the team.

    But my mando isn't 7 stars so no way for me to test that. I'll leave it to the whales. But mando is a good candidate to at least take out chewie on the Rey, han, and chewie teams (he'spretty new as and you have to whale to have him). Then, even if you have to send a second team in you should be able to take it out in two tries.

    And if they set garbage behind it, and you clear it with only two teams, it leaves plenty of trash to get feats off of.

    But if you don't whale (or are extremely focused ftp since it is possible to have GLs ftp at this point and mando ftp if you saved crystals), then you don't get easy GAC runs or easily completed GAC feats. That is by design and they aren't going to change that. Not even if a bunch of people don't like it. Or if a few complain in the forums.
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