Raiders are Recruiting for 1 New Member

Raiders are looking for 1 new member over 1M GP. We are not interested in joining an alliance or merging into another guild.

Guild: Raiders of Corella
GP: 89M and 49/50
Guild activity Reset: 6:30 PM MST / 1:30 AM UTC
All Heroic Raids w/19h join period
Hoth TB, LS 31* & DS 28*
Geo TB, DS 8*
TW, 25:3

Individual GP goal of 1M, exceptions made for players with daily growth
Goal of 400 raid tickets per day
Discord available, not required
Inactive guild members are removed after 6 days of inactivity.

Recruiting contact:
Discord chat: Chaos4CJ#6540
SWGOH Forum chat: Chaos4CJ
In-game chat: 924 634 829

Discord Server:


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