Recalculate Ships Points

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The way points/banners are calculated for the ships zone needs to be adjusted. The max possible is 72 points, but that assumes your capital ship on offense is 7 stars and all reinforcement slots are available. If you have a 5 or 6 star capital ship, the max is 68. The star level of a character or ship does not impact score in any other area of GAC, so why should someone be penalized for winning on offense with a ship that is less than 7 stars?

I lost a round last GAC by 1 point. The difference? His Malevolence was 7 stars and mine is 6, and we both used them on offense. Kind of seems outside the purpose of the game mode to have the star level of a capital ship decide the outcome. Am I tripping here, or do others agree with me?


  • I see your point and I agree with you. I have always tried to go for high banners in ships and the majority of the time I don't even bring in reinforcements, but I always end up getting 63-65 banners, and I never know why. I agree that determining max banners based off the ships star level is unfair in some ways, but I am not sure how exactly they would fix this. What do you propose?
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    Good question. In one sense, I like the idea that you get 4 bonus banners per reinforcement slot that is empty whether it is available or not. In another sense, I can see how someone might feel like that is penalizing a 7-star ship that uses all the slots. But regardless, I prefer the idea that all empty slots, whether you could use them or not, are counted as unused for scoring purposes.
  • Another alternative is to make ships more limited like the ground squads. All fleets, whether on offense or defense, can use a maximum of 2 reinforcements, regardless of star level. If we can take 5v5 on squads to 3v3, we should be able to modify 7v7 in ships to 5v5.
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    A better solution would be to let capital ship captains (Holdo, for instance) use toon reinforcements in squad fights.
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  • That's an interesting idea, but I don't know how it fixes the ships scoring situation.
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