Vader Question

Hi Guys,

I have a silly question. I am sure the answer is staring me right in the face but I am not seeing it.

Everytime i have fought vader he is getting multiple turns in a row with force crush.

One turn, force crush, culling blow, followed immediately on his next turn by force crush again.

I know merciless allows for an immediate turn again, but does this bypass the internal cd of force crush?

How is the vader ai using force crush and bypassing the two or three turn cd it has?


  • With every turn or bonus turn he takes it's basically speeding up the process of the cool down for that ability
  • And yes it pretty much bypasses the CD
  • Sure, but thats not what is happening here. Bonus turns don't eliminate the cd. He is straight up bypassing the cd.

    He needs three turns for force crush to come off cd. He cant use it in back to back turns which is what i am experiencing.
  • Monomer
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    Where are you seeing this? Arena?
  • Who was the leader? Palpi?
  • Team comp?

    Palp lead + Traya
    Force crush -> culling blade (kill) -> Traya pops CD-1 on Vader -> Merciless activation -> force crush
    Would require Traya to win the tie, but Palp's lead w/ zeta would likely give the entire team 100% TM after the CB unless there's insane speed differences.

    Crush is a 5 turn CD.
    Crush -> 4 -> CB -> 3 -> traya 2 -> Merciless 1 -> it's up again. There's also just a chance you're missing things like Thrawn's lead ability activating, or something similar that doesn't have a proper animation.
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