Rey - R2- Holdo 3v3

I dont have a GL and I'm trying to figure out the best team to defeat this Rey team: G12 Rey, R2, Holdo.

My initial thoughts are one of the below:
JKR, Luke, GAS
Bastila, GAS, Luke
Vader, Thrawn, IPD
Vader, Thrawn, Wat

Anyone have any other ideas on what might work? I feel like a 1 shot is possible since the Rey is only G12. For reference all my toons listed above are relic'd and GAS, Vader, Luke are R7.

Appreciate any tips!


  • TaTaKaS
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    That is how bad this game is at this point. Nobody even wants to bother with your question.
  • Haha eh, maybe no one really knows?

    Actually I used Vader, Thrawn and Wat and I got 54 banners. My next opponent put the same team down except Rey was maxed that time. Took a bit more finagling but ended up getting 54 again with the same Vader team.

    So theres that if anyone cares.
  • Nikoms565
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    What relic levels on the Vader team?
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  • Nikoms565 wrote: »
    What relic levels on the Vader team?

    Vader R7, Thrawn R3, Wat G12
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