Traya freeze still!

I was chugging along in Phase 3 with a great Chex Mix run and toppled Traya again. Then she sat there swirling in purple and that was it. No commands available for anyone. It has been a long time since I've seen this bug. Had to shutdown the game and start it over. Did anyone every explain what is happening here and if there is any way to avoid it?


  • Kyno
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    the command buttons disappearing is not linked to any particular game mode or toon. the last explanation we got was that it was in some way linked to longer animations and the game getting out of sync with the pointer (where the game thinks it is as far as actions go).

    There is no real way for a player to prevent this. They have released several fixes to stop this from happening in the locations they get isolated.

    Please make sure to report this instance of the issue to Answers HQ as any additional information can help them pin point what may have caused it.
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