Which character is worse in this game?

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Jedi Knight guardian or Royal Guard? :|


  • Every toon is good with the appropriate synergy. Some of them are good in all teams but I don't thin that the both toons you mentioned are that bad. They can do job, but the meta now is focused on something else. So who knows - may be the next week they would be the new Kylo or Sid.
  • Jedi Knight guardian or Royal Guard? :|

    Since you're probably using Jedi healers, you're going to get better synergy from Jedi Knight Guardian than Royal Guard. I use both in the Tank only challenge but only advanced them far enough to just get through it for max gear in the challenge as I have other priorities for my PvP, PvE and GW squads.

    If you have a very limited number of toons you really have to look at synergy and ease of promoting star levels, which again, the edge goes to Jedi Guardian since she's farmable in GW shipments and DS3-F, Royal only through LS1-D and DS5-F. The Last bit makes it a no brainer, go with Jedi, at least until you get something better.
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  • I keep hoping someone will find a way to make Jedi Guardian worthwhile, but so far I haven't seen it. Even running Jedi Counters she just does so little damage and brings so little utility to the table that you're better off with even a non-jedi in that slot.

    The Royal Guard is actually awesome once you boost his abilities to the point where he gets his auto-taunt. Automatically taunting when an ally falls below 50% hp makes it a lot more complicated for teams trying to alpha-strike your strongest guy on the first turn.
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