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I was looking at the new galactic challenges and reviewing the current challenges we have. None of them that I can see use resistance or first order factions. It would be nice to play events utilizing those factions. Especially for players who have invested heavily in them to unlock galactic legends. Thanks


  • Kyno
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    I'm just taking a wild guess here, but that is probably intentional, at least at this point.

    Any event they would make would have to be really hard, making it impossible to do without a GL, or would just be trivial for anyone with a GL.
    Please keep in mind that in the GCs you can use the factions in the events. They are open to any faction, we will just have to deal with the modifiers.
  • MZB
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    I see your point. My frustration is the challenges like places of power, forest moon, etc that have tiers you can only beat with relic toons and your reward is signal data and g12 gear. It's great if you have invested in those factions, but resistance and FO teams are overlooked as they do not have a challenge of their own. I'm sure there are many in the community who have invested in resistance and do not have a GL yet.
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