Team while gearing up GL Rey?

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Is GL Rey "viable" the second she unlocks? It will take me a while to get her to Relic so I'm wondering when I should expect to make the switch from a DR team either as a leader or under a different lead.

I've looked on YouTube and here and it feels that everybody was ready to gear her up immediately which is not my case unfortunately.
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    (EDIT: spelling correction)

    I was also someone who had all the goodies stashed to take her her to R7, so I can’t speak from personal experience; but...

    One of my guild mates was in a similar position, he tried a couple times (In arena settings) each per gear level with her lead at g8-g11, but was always ending up shelving her for D. Revan - he finally made the switch at g12 with 6 dot mods.

    (I do suspect that she might have well still have offensive utility at lower gear levels in GAC/TW, or possibly in the GAS lead ‘Cheese’ Kylo counter - provided you can still get her combined HP/protection above GAS)
  • Thanks. I have her at G11 and it's not working unfortunately. It's interesting because she's so overpowered that you would think she’s a game changer.
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