Losing my way

hey guys
I think i am losing my way now with mostly ships.
Can you guide me.
My swgoh.gg profile:https://swgoh.gg/p/169766569/


  • You're saying that your fleet arena rank is deteriorating, and that's your problem, right? I mean, I think you're on a good path. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of struggling to make it to the other side. Keep farming those ship blueprints and you'll do fine. If you really want to do the best you can, buy refreshes with crystals on fleet and use all your fleet energy there to farm Anakin's ship quicker. That'll help a lot. Use your fleet arena currency to focus on one ship at a time, but remember, the store only refreshes 3 times a day so if you focus on say, Rex's ship and you have 1600 currency, and 5's ship shows up, buy the shards. Ahsoka's ship usually in the GW store a couple times a day so keep a couple buys worth handy and put most of your currency towards her ship. Don't forget to level and gear up your pilots too. They look a little behind but I realize that the credits are not flowing at this point in the game for you so this can be a challenge.
  • The quickest way to improve from where you are now is to get the matched set of Geonosis ships (Soldier, Spy, Sun Fac).

    You should be spending all of your Galactic War currency on ships - all of it. Be an opportunist on which pilots you gear up, but don't gear up bad ones.

    All 3 geos are good candidates.
    Clone Sergeant
    Phantom II
    TIE Advanced
    TIE Silencer
    TIE Fighter

    Other pilots are probably not going to help you in the short run, but definitely farm (with regular energy) the Bounty Hunter ships and pilots when they fit into your schedule. There are many other good ships besides these +BH, but none of them is on your short term list.

    If all your GW coin goes into Ships, you should be able to have your 5 x 5* Dark Side ships by maybe level 82?

    This is necessary because even more important than Fleet Arena right now is trying to finish the Zeta Mat challenge. That's closed until you reach a certain level. I can't remember what that level is, but if you haven't hit it already, it's going to be level 80 at worst. So you really want to get those DS ships together.

    If you're worried about your Fleet Arena position, you might as well get Geonosians together right now as they help with both.

    None of the Geos are hard to get to g8, and g8 is plenty good enough for the zeta mat challenge. Remember the stars of your pilots don't matter, only the stars on your ships to qualify for the zeta mat challenge ... but your ships do get more powerful when you star up the pilots so don't neglect that, just don't worry too much for the Zeta portion of your adventure.

    Phoenix requires a massive investment of gear, but their ships are very good. So I'd recommend taking Phoenix toons all the way up to g8 +0 before stopping. At some point you'll need to get a couple more characters from the GW store, but I wouldn't even think about that until your ships are in better shape.

    What you do need from Phoenix, however, is to unlock Sabine. Without being unlocked, you can't get Thrawn's ship and you'll want the Chimera.

    I'm not sure how that fits in with other priorities fr you, and maybe you shouldn't worry about Sabine at all right now if you have a plan you're working on for squad arena or something, but you can't put her off too long either. If you hit level 85 and you still haven't unlocked Sabine, you've got to make her a priority. However, hopefully she'll slide naturally into your priority list before then.


    Finally, although I do give advice and I do have opinions that I"m not shy about sharing, whenever someone gives you advice, you should always ask, "Will this be fun?"

    If you're trying to choose between 2 options and one is recommended by some rando on the internet (like me) and the other doesn't have anyone recommending it but it just seems more fun to you? ALWAYS CHOOSE THE FUN.

    Thi sis supposed to be a game, and it takes FOREVER to accomplish many of the goals in this game. If you choose the path that isn't fun for you, it won't merely drag on, it will feel like work. And then what's the point? This is a game, after all.

    So take in everyone's advice. The people here really are trying to help, but they also have different ideas (often all the ideas are good, they just prioritize different things) which can be confusing if you don't have a guiding star to help you choose which plan of all the recommendations is the one you're going to follow.

    Always follow the one that seems the most fun.

    BTW: although zetas help a lot with power and goals, they're also tons of fun if you pic the right ones - Palpatine's lead, JTR's lead, Vader's Merciless Massacre, a bunch of the ewok zetas, definitely the General Veers unique, all these zetas have the potential to completely transform a team, and the first few times you use a squad you've been using without a zeta right after you finally get that zeta finished? It's so exciting. So, yeah, I'm recommending pushing hard on the zeta challenge, but I do think that will pay off in more than just rewards for you. I think it will help with the fun as well.

  • MasterSeedy is so right. This is a game, have fun!
  • The funniest thing i am doing recebtly is the jango double tap.!!
  • Is the republic y wing a fine addition for my repulic fleet should i just unolck him and then farm the vulture and hyena or should i upgrade him more and continue farming geos. Because on my priority liste in the fleet store i have grievous plo plo ship rex arc tie advanced slave 1 and now geos. What should i take off? My fleet is more galactic republic only problem is endurance is bad...
  • It depends on which side you're going down. I would focus on LS or DS first. If you're doing the Geo Trio, then do Vulture and Hyena. If you're doing the Galactic Republic, then do the Y-Wing. Focus on one side then build up the other. Both teams are solid. I would do the Dark Side ones first just because they give you access to the fleet challenge that gives you zeta mats.
  • But i am almost at slave 1 and tie advanced unoock so i can farm y wing kn hard notes energy normal with Jango Fett and on the fleet store only sun fac geo soldier and geo spy and grievous with their ships in gw... I finished maxing my gr and i am 4 shards to promote rex arc... so i ça farm Sarkozy side ships but that would meab stopping plo and his ship...
  • Early game 3 geos+anakin, ahsoka, hounds tooth. Plus whatever (ideally clone sergeant or umbaran) with ackbar capital.
    This setup if you plan to go with negotiator. Once u got negotiator swap geos with btl and rex/plo.

    If you gonna go with malevolence. Then 3 geos+hyena+vulture+ht. (I got negotiator, so no idea on the last ship for malevolence)

  • Skies439 wrote: »
    If you gonna go with malevolence. Then 3 geos+hyena+vulture+ht. (I got negotiator, so no idea on the last ship for malevolence)

    Last ship does not really matter. The battle rarely gets past the Geo reinforcements. But a VERY interesting candidate is HMF because you cannot target him until all the spawning vultures are gone, it's like they are a swarm of mini-taunts that ruin your day.
  • (I got negotiator, so no idea on the last ship for malevolence)

    No matter what I'm running, I always include either Cassian or Ebon Hawk.

    AoE dispels are just too useful.
  • My starting lineup is with a 5 star capital ship: Home One or Endurance because of valor and my mace is decently geared
    Rex (so bad ship) I think

    Btlb y wing or Slave 1

    My Jango has 10 000 power at 2 stars so annoying he isn t a slave 1 crewmember Which he should be since all slave 1 abilities are used in episode 2 by Jango while going to Geonosis
  • You need to choose whether you're going the LS path or the DS path.

    Either way you need to work hard on the Geos.

    Either way Slave 1 is not a good ship long term (does okay in the beginning, but trust me, it doesn't hold up as you grow).

    LS path requires BTL-Y-Wing, Anakin, Ahsoka, Umbaran (Fives), Plo, Hound's Tooth + 1 more, your choice.

    DS Path requires 3 x Geos, Hyena Bomber, Vulture Droid, + 2 more, your choice

    (Plo isn't bad here, actually, since AoE heal is always welcome).

    We can't recommend a path for you, but we can tell you that after you pick your path, those are the ships.

    The Geos are necessary even for the LS path because you need more cheap DS ships to finish the 5* challenge for GMTarkin's Executrix, but the LS path does not require Hyena & Vulture.
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