Who's your favorite tank?

I've got Chewie fairly well geared, but he doesn't always survive if a strong team focus-fires on him after taunting. I've got Poe as well now, but not sure if working on gearing him would be better than focusing on Chewie. I've heard the Fives is good, but I'm currently working on Old Daka from cantina shipments, so it may take awhile to get him.


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    I love Han personaly for the extra turns he generates (as per this post: https://forums.galaxy-of-heroes.starwars.ea.com/discussion/125/is-stormtrooper-han-any-good#latest), but it really depends on your team.

    It does make sense to focus to 7 starts your Old Daka, before moving on to someone else.
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    Boba and Fives <3
  • KitsuAeryn
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    I like Stormtrooper Han, as well, though you have understand he's not really a "tank" in the traditional sense. He'll take a couple shots and make your team lightning-fast for a few turns, but then he will die. He's great for certain missions and one-shot encounters (like PVP Arena) but not so great for the GWs. Because, as I said, if you use him properly he's very likely to die.

    You might also try the Royal Guard. I know, I know... but his ability to automatically taunt once an ally falls below a certain amount of HP is very, very annoying for players who were hoping to focus-fire an important part of your team down. It doesn't even take your action to do it, since it's passive! That means you're almost certain to get an important attack like Old Ben's mind trick or Darth Maul's AOE Murderkill off before you lose that character, no matter how many heavy hitters the other guy's packing.
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    They are not really "Tanks" if they do not possess "taunt". A real tank in strategy//RPGs//PVP soaks and lures most of the damage to him allowing the other players to regroup/heal/refocus attack ect. Stormhan, chewi and Poe are the only Real tanks. Chewie has 1 turn taunt but has monster hp and self healing and Poe IMO is the best "tank" so far (PVP) as he can take fire for 2 two turns (same as Han) but also has "EXPOSE" (20% damage of their max health extra damage) to all enemies which is a big game changer.

    Boba, fives ect and others who don't have "taunt" (draw attacks to them) are really just "support" players with Different abilities that may contribute to your overall team even if they have the defence and health of a tank.
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    Yea tanks are designed strangely in this game because most of the time there is actually an incentive to attack them last because they don't do as much damage as the attackers or don't change the game like healers. Maybe when we get to 7 stars for everyone will this change as the Hp pools expand to a number where you can't easily burst someone down in the first turn consistently.
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