vader lead in GC

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im just curious how many of us have taken advantage of the fact that every other turn everyone gets a damage over time effect on themselves i was able to beat teirs 5, 6, and 7 with extremely difficult RNG 1 staring them I had 22 Damage over time effects on everyone then they started dying off one by one and the Damage over times cant be cleansed because of his lead haha!


  • Jake0000
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    Vader made the tiers pretty easy to defeat it was just the reward cap that was the drawback! I didn't have him at R5 so I couldn't get the feats rewards.
  • i had him at relic 7 but my recommendation was at teir 4 i have 1 stared teirs 5 6 and 7
  • I did the relic 3 tier with Vader relic 6, Palpatine G11, Sith Trooper G12, Traya G8 and Maul G8
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