How about Galactic War?

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Now that the sublime and well received galactic challenges are launched, how about CG spends a few days fixing gal war to make it interesting again.

I don't want better or different rewards from it, they are fine as they are. I just want to be able to use it to play for fun if I feel like it.

Please make it so that once a player is level 85 you will only see decent teams in there. (At least level 85 themselves with a leader ability in the lead slot for starters) With the new sim requirement of only 50 completions everyone should get to that before level 85. Oh yeah, HDB people. It's only 50 completions. It was 120 when I did it, and plenty of days I hit a wall. They'll get there.

Don't change anything else. People can still just sim it if they want. If you hit a team you can't beat, you can just sim the rest.

Job done.
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  • Iy4oy4s
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    It’s a simple layup for CG, which means it likely won’t happen. Hard mode GW should be easy now that the “tools for easy content creation” are here.
  • Oh, just had an idea that might work better than the level 85 thing to allow for HDB players.

    Instead, populate the gal war track with teams from your current division in GAC. Would give people the practice space some want. You could pull the teams from near the final round at then end of the month so that the first teams are from people in lower leagues, and work up to khyber.

    Might need a limit on nodes with the same factions or leaders or something so you don't just have the same team again and again.
  • Couldn't agree more. Please do something with Galactic War, CG.
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    Once you have done 50 Galactic War campaigns, it is absolutely boring, and every day, it takes 5 seconds to sim the rewards and you're out of there.
  • A revisited GW as described in this thread make a lot of sense. The ability to replay completed nodes without restriction would be really cool too (minus rewards, of course).
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