Are guilds in near future plans?

Mostly every mobile game (similar) to this has a guild/team system and it's a big part of the games.Just wandering if it's gonna be a thing any time soon in SWGoH.


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    They said it was, but radio silence since.
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    I see. Well april's major update is close so let's w8 and see.
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    I hope they give us something new to do.
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    Guilds been around d for awhile and I ignored it tbh but now I'm lvl 61. With 4* unduli. Purple gear. 7* chewy 5* ackbar 5* consular 4* phasma.
    That currently my team heard rumor about guild wars? I love a good fight. 467 927 852 my Ally code. Need powerful LS Allies
    If wars coming. It will be most entertaining
    What do u think?
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