The FO logo in game is not the correct one

I noticed that the First Order logo that we can see for Galactic Challenges is not accurate: the black "star" inside the logo has 17 branches instead of 16.
It's easy to see: the upper branch of the "star" should be aligned with the bottom branch. Unfortunately, there is a ton of wrong logos on google image and even wikipedia, with 17 branches instead of 16...

See here the difference, this is the one in game:

And this is the correct one:

Since this is an official Star Wars game, I hope it will be corrected! :)
Thank you!


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    As long as we're talking about art they won't likely fix, Chewbacca's bandolier is on backwards and Earth's moon is on the splash screen too.
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    I hope they will... it's very visible and ugly >< and I'm guessing the art for an event is probably easier to change than the model of a character.
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    I got no answer on this and now the wrong logo is visible in game? Did I not post in the right section, or is it judged not important enough? :'(
    Even the Sims 4 Star Wars pack is getting the logo right... why can’t this game get it right too? T.T
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    I saw this in the Content Update!!!
    GENERAL - Fixed First Order Logo in Galactic Challenges

    THANK YOUUUUU <3<3<3 That's very kind of you!
    This topic can now be locked :)

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    Nice catch. And congratulations :-)
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