I can t beat one famous wookie

I have bobba jango bossk ig 88 geared to 11 kade bane gear 10 I'm not even close in 7* battle. I heard of some getting it done with less are my mods that off tried this event since release got 6* and stuck.nothing https://swgoh.gg/p/761724511/characters/?f=Bounty+Hunters


  • Vendi1983
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    Zeta Bossk lead and way better mods and you'll be fine. Gear levels are doable with Bossk lead zeta.

    You have zero additional speed on Bossk or Jango, only 4 mods on Boba, +8 speed on IG88. It's 75% a modding problem and 25% a "no zeta on Bossk lead" problem.

    The mod sets are all wrong too.
  • Hortus
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    People who do it with G11 gear are usually take off those 100+ speed sets from their arena squads and put it on BH. Also they usually have Dengar. I don't think you have a chance there.
  • Vendi1983
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    1 - All 5 BHs under Bossk lead need to have +protection stat on their circle mods.

    2 - All 5 BHs (and almost anyone you mod) should have +speed stat on their arrow mods.

    3 - if you don't want to swap mods around all the time, try and target at least +60 to +80 speed on everyone on the team. A +30 speed arrow takes care of most of that in one mod.

    4 - Bossk you can go two ways - ultra fast with 4 speed mods and 2 health or defence mods, or ultra tanky with 6 health mods. Whichever you choose, search for speed and protection secondaries.

    5 - Boba, Jango, Cad - you want offense or Crit damage sets (4 mods make a set) and either Crit chance or health for the remaining 2. Then you want +Crit Damage stat on their triangles, and ideally +offense on their cross mods.

    6 - IG88 - he's a liability as he's really squishy. You can either not worry about him too much and let him die, or mod him for speed and health. Potency on the cross. He's the least important of the 5.
  • Dengar is a huge + for this event but I did it with the same group of BH you have. Might have had a g12 Bossk, can't remember but he would have been the only one and well could have been 11 so I'm confident with better mods and a bit of RNG you could get there.

    On the mods....your mods are indeed that off. You want complete sets to get the set bonuses and speed, speed and more speed.

    Now as an alternative to the Bossk lead zeta (excellent zeta though) you could check ahnaldt101's video on unlocking Chewbacca with a Boba Fett lead. He had some pretty light gear on a couple, no Bossk or Jango in the squad but got it done. Granted he had Dengar and struggled till the RNG broke right but I would think having Bossk and Jango make up for not having Dengar.
  • avihas
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    1. Dengar is very important in this event. You can do it without him, but it'll be much harder (=likely much more gear&speed will be needed)
    2. The zetas on Bossak are very important (especially his lead).
    3. Speed is crucial. The enemy got something like 300 speed each. You need to aim each of your toons should be over 200-210 speed
    4. g11 on all and g12 on Bossak is recommended, but you could probably do it with little less
  • Vendi1983
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    #3 - Don't try to out-speed them. They need speed, but you won't interrupt their pre-programmed series of turns at the start. You need to beef your bounty hunters up to survive the opening set of turns. That's all.
  • OP really won't like the new GC.
    Wat, me worry?
  • Tosche
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    zzBossk (g12)(L), Boba R2 (no zeta), all the rest pretty low gear and no omegas. Squad was 81k. Focus only on Chewie and hope for RNG. Took me 4 tries once I got Bossk to g12.

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