Power creep & number of GAC divisions

The divisions have been set in stone with regard to GP since the unveiling of GAC. But, with all of the new Marquee characters, Galactic Legends, Legendary characters, etc., introduced since then... well, there's been quite a bit of power creep. Yes?

So, because of that, division 1 can have a MASSIVE difference in GP, right? Like, watching some content creators out there, and there are people out there with ~7M GP. Now, let's look at the GP range between most of the divisions:
  • 200k (9-8)
  • 200k (8-7)
  • 300k (7-6)
  • 500k (6-5)
  • 600k (5-4)
  • 700k (4-3)
  • 700K (3-2)
  • ?2,500K? (4.5M - 7M GP)

There's probably room in there to create, I don't know, maybe at least 3 more divisions? 2?

Adding a single division between 2 and 1 would create a range of 4.5M-5.75M, and then 5.75M+. That seems pretty large, but still pits dedicated long time FTP players/dolphins/beluga whales (they're so cute) in one category and humpback and blue whales and krakens in another.

Might at least make the game more enjoyable for those light-to-mid spenders (I've spent about $200 in game - I don't know where that puts me) while not enraging the krakens.

Thoughts? CG? It'd be awesome if someone from your team responded. I know responding to "bug reports" or "feedback" rarely happens (not just at your dev shop - I'm also a software engineer - but hey! working directly with customers is a tenant of agile methodology - do you consider yourselves agile?) but it'd make this nerd pretty excited to hear that someone is listening.

OK. Thanks for listening.



  • They are aware of it and are watching whatever metrics they are looking for - probably the number of players above whatever GP threshold they have in mind. That's all we know at this point.
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