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I am fairly new but have invested in your "hyper bundle" and then some!

I love the game but have noticed brick walls like many other folks.

1. Stun Guns, cuffs and collars! Increase the availability!
2. After Hyper drive, most other packs are simply lacking potency i.e low gear quantity or shards for the price your asking!
3. New Galactic challenge rewards are nothing compared to older event rewards.I

Some possible solutions...

1. Bring back the May 4th event at least once a month! (Double Drops on one or multiple areas) always including at least one on the nodes with the gear mentioned above.

2. Increase the gear quantities from 5-15 to at least 25-50 within the packs that cost over £40 (trust me on this I know you have made nearly £1 billion over this game so far but you can't alienate the public! Reward them more gear for making the investment!) I know you would say "our packs are all costed and balanced" BUT look at the hyperdrive bundle and you do the maths on that pack!!! I know some higher gear XII pieces can be bought for £99 but it's only enough to take one toon up! Perhaps add more substance i.e 5-10 fully crafted lower gear pieces and more crystals.

4. Rework Galactic Challenge rewards to include gear from 1. Stun Guns, cuffs and collars, at lower tiers i.e 3-4-5 - Quantity 5-10-15

Thanks for reading this and keep safe!

May the force be with us all!



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    It's Too Expensive,


    Remember: reality is an illusion. The universe is a hologram. Buy gold. Bye!
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