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I am fairly new (2 months of playing) and decided to buy the HD-bundle. At the moment I am finishing my phoenix squad (just some shards for hera are missing) to unlock Palpatine and Thrawn at 7*. My goal is to build up my Empire-squad to gear 10 and zeta Palpatines leader-ability to stay competitiv in the squad arena for a while.

Now I am asking myself where to go from there. I think there are two routes but I would like you to comment on my thoughts.

Firstly I could rush to Jedi-Knight Revan, but because of the hard-note farming for Bastila, Jolee and Zaalbar it's still a while to unlook JKR at 7*.

The other route would be to still farm for JKR, but to a lesser extend and to try to unlook some other legendary characters in the meantime. This would include R2-D2, GMY, CLS and maybe even Chewie.

R2-D2 is easy with my Empire squad.

For GMY I would need to farm Old Ben before Mission Vao an T3-M4 in the cantina. Then I could form a nice Jedi-squad with Bastila, Ezra, Kanan, Old Ben and Ahsoka Tano (already at 6*) to unlock GMY at 7*. With this team I could maybe even climb a litte bit more in the squad arena to reach top200. At the moment I can barely make it to the top300 but then I am hitting a wall and cant win against all of the Bastila teams.

From the Squad-Arena-Store I could buy shards for ST-Han and Leia and also farm Farmboy Luke to unlock CLS after that.

And while all this farming is happening I am slowly working on my Scoundrels (Boba Fett, Greedo, IG-88, Cad-Bane, ST-Han and Bossk) to unlock Chewie at the end and unlock Hounds Tooth to reach top10 in the Fleet Arena (atm top20)

I guess this would slow me down around 40 days or so to unlock JKR, but maybe I am absolutely wrong on that. And I would have so much characters but no gear to rank them up properly to be useful)

So I would really like your opinions on that. Thanks in advance and please excuse my english grammer. It's not my native language.


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    Is it possible for you to create a swgoh.gg account? It would be way easier for people to assess your account and see what you should do next with one.
  • Just rush for JKR, even do refreshes of nodes if u can afford it. Once you unlock him, You will have 5 Jedi at 7* to unlock GMY (JKR,Bastilla,Jolee,Ezra,Kanan). Really focus just on one squad at this stage.

    On the other hand, you could start new account, buy HD-bundle and be immediately at the very top of your arena shard with basically nothing lost..
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    Merailla wrote: »
    Just rush for JKR, even do refreshes of nodes if u can afford it. Once you unlock him, You will have 5 Jedi at 7* to unlock GMY (JKR,Bastilla,Jolee,Ezra,Kanan). Really focus just on one squad at this stage.

    I second that. Even though you're already behind a few weeks, you can still go up the ranks in the arena.
    JKR team is just super strong and worth the effort. You need Bastila, who is also super strong; in the meantime, a zBastila lead team with Jolee can also serve really well, while farming for JKR.
    I did it quite similar, zBastila, Jolee, GMY, Old Ben and Ahsoka (the latter two being replaceable), staying between rank 200-100, but slowly dropping out of the 200. When I unlocked JKR recently I'm now in the top 100.
    You can unlock GMY as soon you have enough Jedis, but I wouldn't go for CLS, Chewie etc, since you need to spend a lot of gear which requires time again.

    You can invest any extra energy into gear, and get other shards from the store, but really focus on one team. Remember, to build up a team you also need gear.

    You may want to build up your Scoundrels in parallel, to be able to 3-star the Credit Heist event. This should secure the necessary amount of credits you need. (promoting one toon from 1 to 7 stars costs 6 million+ credits, plus top notch mods, etc). But you can get scoundrel shards from the store.

  • Thank you for your advice. So i will start farming Mission and T3 in the cantina battles right after I got 7* TFP and KRU. But I need them to secure good ranks in the fleet arena and secure my cristal income this way.
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