Galactic Challenges - Is there any mega thread?

Hey Folks,

I am not a natice english speaker. My Grammar will suck and I will misspell a lot of words. Sorry.

I couldn't find any Posting about the Gallactic Challenges here. I must be blind - honestly.

It's nice to see, that you have noticed the Problem with the rewards. Please ease up the Gear crunch.

It would be very nice, if every Tier of the Galactic Challenge would have an other Enemy Team. It would be so much more fun. It is really boring to fight against the same team over and over again. It would really spice things up, if you give us different teams to battle in that unique environment you created. Or at leat rotate enemy teams every 24 hours ...

I would really love something as exciting like Marvel Strike Force Blitz to enjoy my rooster. Not every few weeks but daily.

Best regards
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