My Minimalist Guide to 7* C3PO without logray AND paploo (and NO G12)

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I recently unlocked 7* C3PO with Zchirpa (L) (g10+5), Zwicket (g11), elder (g11), scout (g11), teebo (g9).

Speed (in brackets) and mods
1) Wicket - CC/CD (239) (1 crit chance primary and 1 Protection primary) (CC at 73%) Crit chance is essential to give TM to allies with his special and restore health and protection with unique
2) Ewok elder - Speed (233) (1 protection primary to make him tanky) Elder is the key here. His basic grants TM so I called him to assist when using wicket's 2nd special. Use his basic whenever possible unless you need to revive or cleanse.
3) Scout - CC/CD (218) (3 protection as he's very squishy and 1 speed primary) (CC at 55%) use his special when allies have low TM
4) Teebo - 2 potency, rest were mixed (214). My main priority was to place 3 protection primaries as teebo is extremely squishy at G9. also arrow speed
5) Chirpa - Speed + health (206). 3 protection primaries (he's just as squishy as scout and teebo) and arrow speed.
(Try to avoid using health mods and health primaries as the expose and chewie's unique are all based on a percentage of your ewok's health. Instead, focus on protection primaries. Basically, less health = less supplementary damage)

After reading a lot of the guides, the general consensus is (without zeta on wicket):
1) Extremely RNG dependent (you need chewie to not get stealthed AND hoth soldier to not taunt. Then go after chewie until his protection reaches 0 at which point hoth soldier autotaunts. Dispel the taunt using teebo, and finish off chewie)

It seems easy enough but after 3++ days and over 200 attempts, I only achieved this ideal scenario no more than 5 times. Even then the RNG would bite me back in the **** halfway through the run. This all changed when i zetaed wicket.

Why this works? Apart from RNG, the main problem you face is how easy it is to get to low health (Chewie's unique enables him to deal an additional 20% of ur health with each strike and c3P0 unique exposes an enemy when an ally uses a basic ability. This gets worse when you consider how Han and Leia get an assist from chewie AND the their basic attacks 2-3 times). Ewok elder mitigates some of that with his first special by restoring health, but without the zeta on wicket your protection can't be restored.

Once i zeta-ed wicket, I completed the run in 1 attempt. I wasn't required to pray to RNGesus for Chewie not to be stealthed AND Hoth soldier not to taunt. Instead i took out Hoth -> Chewie -> Han -> leia/R2D2 and lastly Golden God. You should be in the clear after taking out the first 3 but take note that without zWicket, I managed to take out Chewie, Han and hoth 3 times but never managed to complete the run. The main problem i had was how low my ewoks health would be at that point, but with Wickets zeta restoring health and protection, getting through the last 3 characters was a non-issue.

Now I have to mention, after this initial success i only managed to complete the run for the 2nd time only after 5 more attempts. So, while wicket mitigates most of the problem, you still need a little bit of RNG on your side (eg, not getting elder stunned at the start, not getting any ewoks killed in the beginning, hoping elder's basic grants TM etc etc)

1: Zeta Wicket (needless to say zChirpa is mandatory with this squad)
2: Use Elder's basic (includes calling him to assist) whenever possible for TM generation
3: Minimal to no health mods & primaries, instead focus on protection primaries for squishy ewoks (chirpa, scout)
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