Happy Two Year anniversary of the Zam quest bug!

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Happy Two Year anniversary of the Zam quest bug!

Not long ago, I posted a one year happy anniversary of the IG88 quest bug.

Today, we get to celebrate an even older bug! While not as famous (infamous?) as the IG88 quest bug* (* see below), the Zam quest bug predates it by about a year. Today is the TWO YEAR anniversary of the Zam quest bug aka Bounty Hunter Quest 4/7 bug!!

On August 24, 2018, an event was released for the first time. The brand new Galactic Bounties II event. It too was full of adventure, promise and even a little bit of fun! We now had access to all kinds of new character shards like Qi'ra, Visas Marr, Amilyn Holdo, Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) and/or Enfys Nest.

Just like the IG88 quest bug, this event also held a dark secret. It inadvertently created yet another quest bug....

The quest in question? "Bounty Hunter Training - Complete Galactic Bounty event tier IV" is what the quests description says yet if you were to complete tier VI in the Galactic Bounties II event nothing would happen. The quest's progress would not change. You see, the issue was the quest was tied to the Galactic Bounties I event yet no mention of this exists within the quest's description.

That unfortunate player would have to wait for weeks or possibly more before the original Galactic Bounties event (which CG had since renamed to Galactic Bounties I) would resurface. Frustrating said person even though they did EXACTLY was the quest’s description said they needed to do but alas…

The bug was reported to CG (using the Bug reporting tool of EA Answers HQ), the question was asked many times (by myself and others) during the Q&As and again silence. The fix would be so simple too. One could even say four times simpler than the IG-88 quest bug....from "Complete Galactic Bounty event tier IV" to "Complete Galactic Bounty I event tier IV" but just like the IG88 quest bug, adding a few letters or in this case, just one is simply "too expensive".

Now two years later, the bug remains! So Happy TWO YEAR anniversary Zam quest bug! Just like your IG-88 brother, I hope to see you again next year!

* - The IG88 quest bug had actually gotten worse before getting somewhat better. During the DS TB (first week of August 2020), no battles were being counted towards the progression. Not the Geo ones and not even the Hoth ones. There were reports of people that switched guilds on purpose, giving up GeoTB rewards, just so they could finish this quest only to find out that there was a new bug after the fact. Too late to switch back to their original guild obviously.

The good news is that as of August 8, 2020, this bug was fixed as far as the GeoTB battles are concerned, but there was no mentioned if CG fixed the Hoth battles as well. Only time will tell.


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