Who to farm next?

Please, I need some advice on who to farm next.

I'm a 81 level F2P player. My empire arena squad can easily reach the top 350 rank (young shard), sometimes I can reach the top 200. My fleet squad is now on top 20. Here is my swgoh.gg profile https://swgoh.gg/p/341364651/

I'm running an arena squad with Palp, Vader, TFP, Tarkin and Thrawn. All 7* except Thrawn (I'm saving omegas for the Phoenix to get the 7th *). I'm farming and gearing up Badstila as a replacement for TFP or Tarkin.
I'm also farming KOTOR characters (Bastila, Jolee and Zalbar) for getting JKR, but that's not a priority and I wouldn't mind putting that farmings on standby for several months.

I'm also farming the Geo Soldier. I started farming him for unlocking the 5* Executrix (now is unlocked and I'm farming zetas). It's just 55 shards to his 7th star, so I will continue with this farming the next days.

As I've said, I can reach the top 20 on the fleet, so I'd like to improve my fleet squad.
I'm running Executrix with Imperial TIE, Vader's TIE and Biggs. As a reinforcements I'm using Sun Fac, Slave I and Ghost/Geo Soldier
I also have the TIE Silencer at 5* and now I'm working on Ahsoka.

I'm not sure about my next movement when I finish the Geo Soldier. Who should I start farming?

- Cantina. Geo Spy? Finish KRU (I don't really like Silencer too much)? Anyone else?
- Light and Dark Side. I will carry on with Badstilla. Should I stop farming KOTOR and resume it after a few months?

I don't know if I should continue farming a separatist fleet because in the short and medium time my capital ships will be Executrix and Chimaera. Start farming TIE Bomber is a good idea? What about Anakin's ship?

Please, any help would be gladly received.


  • To my knowledge, the Sep fleet is certainly a good investment, so I'd assume it's okay to continue farming them.

    If you're carrying on with Badstila, then you might as well go for the rest of the team for unlocking Darth Revan. It's a long run, but worth putting your focus on to get a meta team.
  • In cantina you should start farming the rest of the geos (Spy and Brood Alpha). In galactic war you should also farm poggle. Geos can be used to unlock Padme and she is a really good squad to run with JKA, Ahsoka, GK, and GMY since you don't have C3P0 yet.

    Your light side and dark side nodes are good, keep farming kotor characters (both bastilas, then Jolee, then Zaalbar) to start working on Revan and leaning towards Darth Revan.

    Ships: You should continue to farm all the geo ships, Tie advanced, Slave I and Tie fighter. You could also farm tie bomber instead of tie fighter. Once those are finished you could work on the rest of the rebel ships to get the Chimera. For other rebel ships you should get Wedges ship but you might want to wait on farming Wedge himself until you finish the Geos in cantina.
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