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Hello Folks. Sorry for the long post here, but I am wanting some general direction on a few different things. To start, my sole intention is to try and stay as efficient as possible and keep my roster "lean" for GAC. I am currently farming for JKR, DRevan, Geos, Padme and will move towards 501st w/Shaak Ti after those are done. As F2P I am trying to be as competitive as I can with the HyperDrive Bundle people and am sitting within top 200 of Arena (Bastila Lead) and top 20 of Fleet Arena, but my focus on daily crystal income is actually with Fleet Arena, because I think people put far less effort into it.

With that out of the way, I need advice on the following;

1.) First Zeta. I thought about using this on Bastila Lead but I am going to 7-star all Geos faster than 7 star old republic characters for JKR. Also Padme seems to be competitive with both JKR and DRevan so I don't want to invest to heavy in Bastila's leadership. Should I use my first zeta on GBA's Unique for that team/Padme event, or should I try to unlock Padme without the zeta and save it for her Lead?

2.) For Fleet Arena, I am gunning for a Tarkin led Geo fleet (I just unlocked Executrix at 5 stars and 3 starred the zeta ability challenge). However, once that is finished I am not sure if I should start farming Bounty Hunters for Han's Millennium Falcon (I will be farming Bossk and Hound's Tooth no matter what) as I do not even have Raid Han unlocked yet and probably won't for quite some time or if I should start farming for a more endgame fleet as the only rebel I have now is Biggs.

3.) If I farm for one of those more end game fleets, should I start farming Vulture Droid and Hyena Bomber to prepare for the Malevolence or GR ships for the Negotiator. I will only be able to farm one of those capital ships once they become available, but I don't know which one will be better long term.

Sorry again for the long post and appreciate any and all help/advice!

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  • Greetings,

    First, let me say that it's ultimately your choice, and the most important thing about SWGOH is to have fun. With that said, here's my advice.

    1) If you're going to be farming the Geo's anyways for Padme, then use the zeta on GBA. Starting off with his summonable is crucial to a geo team. However, given what I see on your GG account, you're not really near ready to put a zeta on him. If you have the zeta ready to go, I'd advise using it on GMY's Battle Meditation skill. The foresight and TM gain makes that one of the more valuable zetas you can invest in, and he's a staple character in either Padme or JKR teams. By the time you have GBA available and ready for a zeta, you'll probably have another zeta ready to go, especially if you've unlocked the zeta challenge in fleets.

    2) Go ahead and start farming bossk and hound's tooth. Bossk is a great BH leader, valuable in the Chewbacca event, and you'll be getting Jango Fett shards when farming the ship, and he's one of the best BH leaders. The Hound's tooth is an extremely durable ship and used in so very many fleets, even Negotiator fleets. Faming it now will not be a waste of effort. The same is also true for the Falcon. It's a versatile and powerful ship that can be used in various fleets. Of course, it works best in a rebel fleet.

    3) When it comes to which top tier ship to go for, the choice is yours, but the Negotiator ships are generally easier to farm. Until then, geos are a solid ship team. In the hierarchy of ship fleets, Negotiator and Malevolence are the top tier ships with Rebels and Empire fighting for second. Rebels do edge out Empire by a bit, however. Until you get to the point where you can start farming the Negotiator or Malevolence, you might consider farming either an Empire or Rebel fleet. It's always nice in TB, TW, and GAC to have a back up fleet to put on defense that can hold it's own. My personal recommendation is Rebels, at least until you're ready to chase down the Negotiator.

    Now, a bit of closing advice.

    If you're wanting to keep your roster streamlined, then prioritize your legendaries. Who do you want first? JKR will be far more valuable to you, especially early on, than Geos. Don't get me wrong about Geos. They're great. But I've taken out plenty of Geo teams with just my relic 5 Darth Vader. Also, the people required for unlocking JKR are far more useful now. You've already experienced that with Bastila Shan. I'm not saying to ignore Geos. You'll need them eventually, especially for Padme, getting Wat Tambor, and doing the DSGTB.

    Good luck,

    Lord Grahck
  • Hi @LordGrahck. Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking of choosing Geos over JKR because of their use in Fleet Arena and to unlock Padme (I have Ahsoka, Anakin, GMY and Mace. Working on GK now, but that is a ways out). I have seen Padme be competitive with JKR and DRevan so I thought that might be good. Plus Geos might be a good defensive team for me now early on once I unlock Grand Arena, where I might not get as much immediate use out of T3, Mission or Zaalbar.

    However, you make a really good point about the GMY zeta. I do currently have a zeta ready for use, I am just waiting to hit the appropriate level in the game to actually use it. I think that is a no-brainer decision about his Battle Meditation. Didn't even think about that so thank you.

    In regards to fleet, I will for sure work on Bossk as soon as I am able too and as you mentioned will probably start working for Rebels and get those farms going once I am ready for it. Malevolence and Negotiator from what I have seen are a lengthy farm and I can see myself having a full Rebel fleet ready before I farm either of those. When the time comes though, I think I will choose the Negotiator as that has very important use is LSGTB from what I hear, where the Malevolence isn't as important for the dark side variant.

    I appreciate your feedback, much appreciated!
  • 1 - While I completely agree that GMY zeta is very good I think this needs to be viewed from the standpoint of how well you are doing in arena now vs how much better you might do with zBastila and how long you will be using that squad. Revan as a 7* unlock is a long farm so Bastila will be leading year Jedi for some time come. So if you go the Revan route going with Bastila would hardly be a foolish idea. As you are a ways away from going for the unlock on either Revan or Padme I would not be saving the zeta. While there are times it can make sense to stockpile them, it is not on your first couple.

    Now whether a person should go for Revan or Padme first is an excellent discussion. Both great squads. As the prior poster made the Revan case I will take the Padme case. As a 5* unlock she is much faster to get to. And I think the prior poster went off track comparing Geos to JKR. The correct comp is Geos vs non JTR Old Republic. And Geos compare very well there. And while a high end player does not view Geos as a problem to beat, at your stage of play they can be very strong. And Geos make an excellent fleet either by themselves or down the road as part of a Malevolence fleet.

    2 - You are dead on correct that fleet is the place for a F2P to try and excel at for crystal income. Far less competitive then squad. Geos will get the job done for a long time, possibly able to climb even against the top meta according to some. Worth doing your research there. Rebels I can personally verify can handle the top meta on offense with proper technique and gear, just is a softer target on defense. The gear is a key point. If you want to hang with Negotiator/Malevolence fleets with R7 crew you need to relic your own crew. Han and Chewie are fine as they are wonderful in squad work. Guys like Ackbar, Biggs, maybe even Bistan & Scariff? Painful, very painful. No even counting the gear on the crew for reinforcement ships which in the rebel fleet has a lot of trio crews. Rebels are a fun fleet, I love them but more gear intensive then others.

    3 - To stay with your goal of efficiency I would long term plan on the Malevolence as you get the overlap with the Geos and more crewless ships which don't require a crew to be geared as well. But an important consideration is that both the Malevolence and the Negotiator are farmed with GET2. Which means being in a guild that runs Geo territory battles. And having a good Geo team would make you more desirable to guilds doing DS Geo.

    Best of luck, long road but good to have a plan
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