Cad Banes blaster glitch

So, I've noticed that Bane has two guns, yet both of his shots are fired fo, the gun in his right hand even though the animation is made to look like he's used point both guns. It's minor, but man does this drive me nuts.


  • Fighton
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    What drives me nuts, is when he's 100% stun , doesn't stun 100% of the time...n that fact that he hits like a plush toy..
  • Which is working as intended as the first determiner as to if an effect works is the chance to hit of the affect, then it is worked out of tenacity of the character being affected resists the stun. He seems decent to stun jedi healers while you eithe rkill them or kill someone else while they cant be healed,

    Cant say much about his damage since I have not upgraded his equipment past IV, but his damage shouldnt be that bad with help from his jedi hunter passive. Although characters that are not str based i really expect them to dish out a lot of damage since they will be more squishy.

    In a full scoundrel synergy team he could really shine.
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