Casual Guilds Looking For Players - September 2020 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***



  • Not sure what guild to join? Give the Limeys a look!!

    We are a fully heroic UK based guild with an international flavour looking to fill our final slot.

    We are very friendly with our approach to the game.

    Are you an up and coming player looking for a home to take the next step up? Are you a more experienced player sick and tired of strict rules in other guilds and just want a more friendly and fun experience? Then we are definitely the guild for you!

    Our guild reset time is 7.30pm British Time (1830 UTC).

    We do very well with territory wars having won 13 of the last 14 TWs all of which have been against stronger guilds. We know how to play the game!

    Our requirements are 1. be fairly active and have fun 2. Have GP of at around 1 million (this is not a strict requirement, feel free to message me and you will be considered) 3. Be a team player.

    We have a guild discord channel which has many features that will help you improve your roster but it is not a mandatory requirement to have discord!

    We run DS Geo TB (11 stars and 10 Wat shards) and we are alterntating between LS Geo TB (5 stars) and LS Hoth TB (32 stars)

    I guarantee that you will enjoy your time with us in the guild.

    My ally code is 211-831-999

    My discord is shalabolic#3969.... Feel free to contact me in whichever way suits you!
  • Soleil Noir recrute !

    Guilde francophone 144M GP (reset 19h GMT+1) sans contrainte et au turn over très faible (guilde de potes et de collègues...) , qui cherche à compléter son roster pour raider plus souvent (actuellement 19 à 22k tickets par jour) et accéder à de nouveaux paliers de récompenses.

    Raid sith héroique en farm depuis longtemps (toute la guilde dispose de traya 7*)
    DSGTB : 12 etoiles ; 12 à 15 shards de wat
    LSGTB: 6/7 etoiles
    Tchat discord dispo pour se coordonner sur les nouveaux events.
    Victoires quasi systématiques en guerre de territoire, aidés par un sandbaging involontaire (30 à 35 participants réguliers)

    Pas de prérequis de GP ni de roster (nouveaux joueurs bienvenus !), mais une bonne équipe de géonosiens serait appréciée ( pour wat...).

    769-383-891 code allié à contacter pour nous rejoindre ; ou message à Holden ingame.

    Bon jeu à tous
  • Spicerunners of Kessel are looking for active players who are willing to participate in events and max out our guild. We run all heroic raids (HPit on sim, HAAT and HSTR on farm).  We have room for 4 players.

    40+ on Hoth LSTB and 12+ on Geo DSTB.

    Discord: (not mandatory, but helpful.)

  • We are looking for active casual players who are trying to grow in the game. There is no player Gp Requirement to join the guild we are just looking for player that will helps us grow.
    Guild Name: DroidRefuge
    Guild Gp: 127,000,000
    Rancor Raid: Auto 2-3 times a week
    Tank Raid tier 7 : 2-3 Times a week
    Sith Raid tier 6 (close to tier7): 2-3 times a week
    Guild Reset: 9pm Central time
    Territory war win rate is about 50%
    Hoth Darkside TB: 32 Stars
    Hoth Lightside TB: 29 Stars
    If interested please message me in game 249-723-182


    139 mil GP guild looking for 2 members
    All heroic raids (Pit on sim)
    Active in TW & TB (Hoth LS, Geo DS)

    We only ask 2 things, participate in TB and let us know if you’ll be offline.

    No ticket requirements.

    Discord is required.

    Ally code: 123-147-392
    Discord: Wellsdog#1059
  • MutineerRA
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    Mutiners without fears (yes, the guild name is spelt wrong!)

    49/50 ...low turnover of players

    203mil gp.....Friendly, relaxed but very active guild. No rules other than playing regularly and following TW and TB instructions

    Heroic raids 7.30pm uk time

    Geo Tbs (so having a geo squad for wat shards is a bonus)

    Good tw strategy and record

    Ideally looking for 4m+ or a focussed roster

    Contact me on here or in game if any questions. Obi Dan 949-699-318

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  • Fortress of Sol-itude
    184 Million GP
    48/50 members
    reset time 6 PM PST, 8 PM CST, 9 PM EST UTC/GMT 01:00
    HPIT, HAAT, HSTR Daily when tickets available
    LSTB - 42 stars
    GDSTB - 19 stars
    We win the vast majority of our TW. (90%+)
    2800 tickets per week requirement.
    expected to contribute to TB (deployment at least) & TW
    No minimum GP requirment, just be active and eager.

    Join us at Mojo's Mutineers! We are an active but easy going guild with supportive members. We are Pacific Standard time zone based. We run Dark Side Geonosis and Light Side Hoth.

    We do not use discord or any form of outside communication.

    We all care about the game but don't take it TOO seriously. Try us out and see if we're your speed.

  • Old Siths republic is recruiting!
    We are a casual but active guild with 40 members & 128 mil GP.
    We are seeking for 10+ new active players, preferebly from Brazil.
    Raid schedules below,:
    HPit – Simmed.
    HAAT – 24 hr join, then FFA. 6:30 PM GMT -3 launch when tickets are available.
    HSith – 24 hr join, then FFA. 6:30 PM GMT -3 launch when tickets are available.
    Territory Wars and Battles:
    LS Geos at 4. DS Geos 10 close to 11. Looking to grow that with your help.
    TW More wins than losses, haven't tracked closely.
    All we ask for TB/TW is that if you join, you try, simple as that.
    2.5m GP Minimum.
    For TB/TW if you join, you give it your best. We just need active and friendly players who can get us further in the game. profile preferred.
    No daily ticket requirement (but the more you produce the better for everyone)
    No daily login requirement, however after 7 days of inactivity without prior notice we reserve the right to toss you out like week old takeout.
    We play for fun, family first.
    Contact Us:
    • Guild Leader: DarthBu Ally Code: 585-423-575
    • Guild Officer: Dchaves Ally Code: 595-245-383
    • Guild Officer: Andrigas79 Ally Code: 781-522-412
    • Guild Officer: Takemura Ally Code: 298-456-469
    • Guild Officer: Paulo Freire Ally Code: 487-451-886
    • Guild Officer: Therak Rown Ally Code: 392-771-197
    • Guild Officer: DarthSolerius Ally Code: 296-936-229
    • Guild Officer: Fried Von Schofen Ally Code: 272-561-965
  • SWGoH guild in SWGoH

    As meta as though our name may be, we are anything but.

    Currently have 2 members but are looking to accept any type of player.

    1.4m GP and can get 4 or 5 stars in HothTB.

    Looking to be able to complete raids regularly and maybe complete a Heroic Raid.

    No minimum GP required for entry, only to be active enough to have fun.

    For more info and to join contact;
    - Rakata Sorrow: Ally Code 871-466-541
  • Hi all,

    We have a very friendly and positive group of 43 active guild members, we support each other, are pretty easy going and run heroic raids (including Heroic Sith if you want Traya shards). Guild GP is at 118 million.

    We have some strong experts to help us co-ordinate our territory war and guild events and have been #winning a lot lately, we win about 90% of our territory wars over the past few months :)

    We are looking for a friendly and active player level 80 and above please.

    Our guild leadership has been together for three years.

    We are US (EST and PT) based, and use the in app chat function, plus optional discord channel. We have a few rules, login at least every 14 days (daily preferred), and we have join periods for our raids.

    On the Hoth events we hit 30-34 stars.
    We run the dark side Geonosian event and hit 11 stars.

    Let us know if you have questions -we would love to have you join us and grow together.

    Please reach out and let's chat.

    Sam Wise ( Ally code - 541-139-945 )
    Discord: Samth3star#8935
    Guild Name: Blasters and Beer
  • Hi all, Oot's and Toot's adventurers is looking for 3 more! Want to join?

    We're a casual, no drama guild, currently around 140m gp
    All heroic raids on farm, and pit is simmed (pretty standard stuff really)
    Running dark side Geo TB and Light side hoth (not really liking the light side Geo at the moment)
    we're mostly based in the UK and EU (i think, never quite sure) but we've had (or maybe still do) members from all over. Guild reset is 6.30pm UTC
    We're a good group and get along well, yet we still do well in TW!
    Please ask if you have any questions.
    My contact in game is 365-919-173 (Jonesy), or a reply here is fine too
  • Guild Name: AAT Roadkill
    Guild Recruiter: reyezos BabyYoda
    Guild's Reset Time: 8:30pm Eastern
    Guild Power: 143+ million @ 39/50 members
    We do All Heroic Raids!!!
    Looking for Active Daily Members!
    We’re relaxed and have a good time in chats!
    Ally Code: 459-689-713
    Message Me if you have questions or Request Invite through Advanced Guild Search
    Let's Go!!!!!

  • Dodgeball Veterans
    EST US based. We are casual but committed group of Adults**.

    What we offer
    # 185m Gp 20/10 DS/LS & 19 wat shards (more on the way).
    # Raids rotate 8pm & 11pm Est to accommodate all Us time zones.
    # 90% TW win rate. Fantastic Strategy and execution.
    # All heroics raids on farm with 24 hr Join period.
    # Adults/F2p/Whale/ Alt friendly.

    What we expect
    # Discord to communicate & Coordinate
    # Excited to play the game and give max effort in TW/Tb regardless of GP
    # Developed or Developing Geos to earn more shards.
    # 400-500 daily tickets.
    # 2.5m+ GP. Will make exceptions for developed geo Squads.

    Reach me at
    Ally code # 568-936-944
    Or reply here,
    Thank you.
  • Knights of Code looking for a few new players.

    We are currently at 124M GP with 47/50 members with a few dead weight players that will be kicked out soon.

    We are a friendly and supportive group looking to advance farther in the TBs and TWs, though the TBs are more of a priority for us.

    We would prefer new members be above 2M GP but will accept lower as long as you are active.
    No min tickets required though we would like to see the daily 600. I remove inactive players after about a week unless I'm notified about some kind of vacation, work or deployment.

    All raids are heroic with a simmed pit, all have a 20+ hour join in period.

    Last TBs have been LS Hoth with 31 stars, DS Geo with 7 stars, Wat shards are starting to come in.
    Next round of LS Tbs will be LS Geo, anticipating about 3 or 4 stars.

    Gear donations are generally gifted.

    Guild is open to join!
    Please contact me in game if you have any questions.
    Ally code is 167-841-117, in game name is Nick.
  • -Primal Alliance
    -Uk based
    -1/3 of the guild is US based (mostly East Coast)
    -44/50 active members
    -GP 165 mil
    -All Raids have join period
    -Heroic Rancor raid 3 times a week
    -HAAT 2 times a week
    -HSTR 2 times a week
    -Raid times in est is 2 and 7 pm
    -Raid times in gmt is 7 pm and 12 am
    -TB 42* ls/ds
    -18* ds geo tb
    -12 WAT shard
    - 8* ls geo
    - over 3 mil gp
    -Territory Wars, very focused and great team ethic, with good strategy
    -Discord: frtpskn#0937
    What we are looking for:
    -Like minded players looking to join a guild and grow together
    -People who are willing to communicate
    If you are interested please get in touch or if you have any questions feel free to ask.

    We are recruiting new players to our guilds so come one come all
    .Everyone from the beginner players to the veterans we have a home for you within our alliance.
    Guilds for all ages raid times for every part of the day, TB ranging from ds hoth to ls geo you want it we have it
    and if all of this isn't enough we offer you the chances to vanquish your foes in an old fashioned TW .
    So step right up and join us on our recruitment server
    May the drop rate be ever in your favor.

    __**NABOO**__- We are technically independent but have the benefit of 17 other guilds to **share information**. We are Competitive but Laid Back Top End Guild. Based in the US PST and +5 GMT. Please Respond ASAP Yes or No. 100% Drama Free Zone.

    __**WHAT WE OFFER**__
    -over 286M Guild
    -**Avg 5.5M (Subject to Change on Roster)**
    -Raid times- 6:30pm PST/9:30pm EST
    -**TB Focus**
    -30* Geo TB
    -18* LS GTB
    -44 Wat Tambor shards
    -12 KAM shards
    -TW semi-focued
    -**70% Win Rate**
    -**22 GLs 11 Rey 11 SLKR**

    __**WHAT WE ASK FROM YOU**__
    -**Discord Mandatory**
    -**MANDATORY 600**
    -**4.5M roster(Tb Focus)**
    -Participate in ALL guild aspects
    -Full participation in TB
    - Participate in defense and offense in TW
    -Follow the instructions of the Officers/Guild Leader
    -General Skywalker
    -KAM Ready or Close to
    -SLKR or Rey Exception

    Come realize your potential.
    **DM SnugglePanda#0168 or Italianstallion Republic#6103**
  • Guild name: AXT.
    Guild GP: 65 mill approximately.

    Hello there, my name is Wonbong, and I am part of the fantastic guild AXT. We are friendly guild growing at a decent pace, who hope to meet new aspiring players.

    Why should you join us?

    1. We do FULL HEROIC (Yes HSITH as well). HAAT and HPIT is done solo by the guild, and HSITH is done with the help of mercs, so not done during TB.
    2. We have a good TW record, I have lost 3 since I joined in April.
    3. We do Hoth TB with steady increase in stars every TB. Best results currently is: 27 hoth ls, 24 hoth ds
    4. We have experienced players who can help you, but also other "padawans". We don't expect you to know everything and we would love to help you progress.

    HAAT and HPIT is 7:30 pm CEST with 24h join.
    HSITH is 9:30 pm CEST with 1h join, and 12h pause at p4.

    So as for every guild there is of course some requirements, here is ours.
    1. 1 mill GP (or about there, we do value good communication and friendliness above)
    2. 400 daily raid tickets
    3. Participation in events.
    4. Discord mandatory.

    We understand that it is difficult to find the guild name from the in-game guild search, therefore please message me in game (ally code 623-818-967) so that I may invite you directly to the guild - saving you all the hassle!!

    My allycode is: 623-818-967
    Guild SWGOH.GG:
    Guild discord:
    Discord: Wonbong#5562

    I hope to hear from upcoming Jedis or Siths :wink: I'd also glady answer any other questions.
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    Echoes in the Force
    Our casual but daily active guild is looking for players who like the game and the Star Wars universe.
    We want to play smartly within our available time, without stress or burnout.

    We are full but want to replace some inactive members with more active ones.

    USA/Europe guild. 98M GP.
    All raids heroic. Raids have 24h join period and generally start around 12:00 EST.
    We're doing Hoth TBs. Full TB participation is expected.
    TW participation is optional. TW win ratio over 80%.

    Our guild has been growing organically and steadily.

    If you like to play effectively, without stress or burnout, come and join us.
    We're using discord as our primary communication tool.

    If you want to join, contact FireStorm: FireStorm#7772
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    We are looking to fill our ranks and advance in TW/TB. All raids on farm, so if you need Traya, we can help. Nice, casual guild. We don't have many requirements. Participation is the only one. Would prefer to have at least 1.5 mil GP, but we can make exceptions for a dedicated player. If you have any questions, I will try to answer them as best I can. We would also consider absorbing a small guild and help them make some progress.
  • Execute Order 141 are looking for members to join a relatively new guild that are looking to grow.

    We are currently at 46 members with a GP of just over 92mil,

    27 stars in last hoth TB, currently 11-1 in TW (only lost a zone twice)

    Raids start at 9pm GMT with a 24hr join period, running all heroic.

    So, if you wish to be a part of a guild where you're appreciated, or just want more information, feel free to reply to this post, message me on here, on discord (Apex#1908) or just add my ally code (441-735-823)
  • Blejaci are looking for new casual members. We are a Balkan based guild with several members from different parts of the globe. We have diverse player activity levels, experienced players to give advices about what to farm, how to mod for different events (GAC, raid phases etc). We mostly speak serbian in chat but all are fluent in English, some also in other languages.

    Guild GP:120M and million more on the way
    Reset: 7:30pm CEST (+2 UTC)

    There are no daily requirements or minimum GP to join us. Only requirements are tolerance of our horrible humour, participation in guild events, and not being inactive for more then 10 days in a row.

    We do all heroic raids (HPit on sim), with 24 hour join period, so that everyone can get rewards.

    We are currently doing geo TBs (10/11* in DS, and close to 5 in LS). Started farming Wat, but really slowly.

    You can message me here or just add me in-game (ally code 865-573-357)
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