Guilds Looking For Mergers - September 2020 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


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    Hello - we are Universal Conquest, a laid back but dedicated group with 121M GP and 31 members.

    Over time our core has dwindled, leaving us with about 23-24 regular TW signup's. This is obviously a problem since 25 is a bigger number than that, and has caused us to miss the last 2 TW's. This is the first time that's happened in our 2+ year history together.

    SO- We are looking for 20 or so active players to join our team. We all realize the real world happens, so no one is going to bother you looking for tickets or anything like that.

    We have all the raids on heroic farm, and are trying both Geo TB's, although we are struggling with our lack of active players. We have 1 GL on our collective rosters so far, but several more on the way.

    All we ask is that you are active, have fun, respect everyone and join as many guild events as possible.

    If this seems like a good fit for any other guilds who have recently lost some key members - please reach out. Ally code is 668-954-344.
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    Phantom Guard (179mil gp) is looking for 4-5 players of at least 2.5 mil gp. We do not have any reqs other than participate in all events. We do not use discord and are causual. We current get 41 stars in hoth ls (soon to be more on this round) and are aiming for 20 stars in ds geo. We run our raids from 7-9 pm est.
    If you are interested please messages me in game!
  • We are looking for a small group of ~5 players averaging 3-4M GP each.
    This would create a highly active guild of 175M that would achieve the following:
    DS Geo 24-26 stars and 20+ WAT.
    LS rotating hoth 44 stars and LS Geo 9+ stars
    Organized TW with >46 entrants per battle and winning >80% of the time.
    Please message me for more details

    With a lot of players moving on from SWGOH due to real life and frustrations with the game, the Crimson Guard CG has some spots opening up. Crimson Guard is a 269mil GP (prior to our current retirees moving on). Following the current TB, we sadly are loosing some long standing guild mates; who are moving on from the game itself. The Crimson Guard is looking for a group of 4-5 players in the GP range of 4.75 - 6Million GP.
    We are a United States based guild; we have players all over the country and some from Canada. We enjoy the comradery on discord and have a healthy server. Crimson Guard CG consists of 2 guild; the Crimson Guard and the Crimson Wolves. We have plenty of shenanigans going on within discord. We also have a lot of strategy/theory crafting going on.
    Requirements are not outlandish for the game. Daily participation/tickets, have a account, join the discord server and most of all….have fun.
    What are we looking for? Minimum GP of 4.5Mil. Would prefer higher but if you are actively working on improving your roster than that works for us.
    We run all Geo based territory Battles; rewards of 30 and 17 stars respectfully. We have a 70% lifetime TW win rate.
    Real life is always the main priority! If you unable to participate in a guild event or complete your daily tickets, it's not a major problem, just send a message to maintain communication and it’s all good.

    Discord Personal: MacoDen9849
    Discord Guild:
  • Force Born Guild is Recruiting

    We are a casual play guild with 33 hardcore players. The most active of 3 guilds that merged together.
    Looking for another Merger. Open to all level players. We do expect you to be active and join TW. We win most of our TW's and don't use discord right now. Some of our players use other discord channels still. Exceptions are made for hospital and family stuff of course so join up and enjoy the game.

    Guild 111 mil GP
    Player GP - 1 to 4 mil plus
    Pit SIM
    Sith Heroic
    Geonosion raids starting soon.
    Coffin's Ally-Code 852-845-197
    Contact me there.
  • Hey everybody, Ronin with Lazer Swords has 6 openings available. We're looking for some active players to fill these spots, Sitting at 192M GP we're averaging between 9-11 stars LS Geo TB and 20-23 DS Geo TB. We're currently on a 20 win TW streak. With this in mind we're looking for a minimum of 3M gp unless you have a very streamlined roster.

    We have some pretty easily achievable rules to the right people.

    1.) Expectation is 600 tickets a day.  That being said, life happens and no one gets the boot for posting less every now and then.  Just don't consistently post 400 or 500
    2.) Expectation is at least 100 banners in each TW, hopefully many more. If you can't fight a TB for some reason just communicate it with the officers
    3.) Minimum 9 million territory points in each TB.  This is a bare minimum and is how much you should get if you have our minimum guild GP and only deploy each day.  Again, hopefully everyone is getting much more.
    4.) Heroic characters should be attained by the 3rd time they come around.  Second time around is usually free to play if you focus, 3rd time definitely is.
    5.) Must be registered on SWGOH.  This is how we coordinate all TB and TW strategies.
    6.) Anyone with Luminara over gear 8  ---> das boot
    7.) Please attempt to farm characters that help the guild (e.g. geo brood alpha to get the guild wat tambor shards)
    8.) Never feel obligated to spend money on this game.  If you feel the itch to spend and you don't want to, post on discord and we'll talk you down. We're all in this together! The last thing we want is this guild to negatively affect your life.
    9.) Follow all officer commands on TB's we have specific instructions every phase to help maximize stars to help the entire guild.
    10.) Be sure to check discord often as thats how we communicate during TW's and TB's

    Guild refresh is 10:30PM UTC

    If you think you'd make a good fit jump on our discord and say Hi!

  • Kessel One is our guild and we're looking for a possible merge with another like-minded group of 15-20+ players.

    We are currently at 151Guild GP and have all 3 raids on auto-start and farm status with a 1-day join period. Guild activities reset at 8:30EST, so that's when the raids open and kick off.

    Territory Battles:
    - We get 35-40 stars in the Hoth battles
    - 10-12 in Geo Separtist Might, and a few Wat shards...should be increasing to double digits in the near future.
    - Most of us just deploy in the Geo Republic Offensive to get a few stars for the GET2 currency. We tend to alternate this with Hoth, but largely depends on guild needs at the time.

    Main Rules:
    - TW and TB are not mandatory, but if you join, you are expected to contribute. No one appreciates it when someone joins to receive the rewards but does not contribute to the results.
    - Pay attention to guild directives in regards to setting up defenses in TW, where to attack in TW, and what nodes to push in TBs...basically, pay attention to communication, please!
    - If you know you're going to be inactive for more than 3-4 days, please give a heads up. We understand actual life priorities and responsibilities.
    - We start looking to boot if someone is inactive a week without any heads up or reasoning given to us.
    - Not a hard and fast rule, but if you're going to regularly request gear, be willing to donate as well. Just common decency.

    Overall, we are a pretty laid back and easy going guild. Most of us are active daily, and we're really just looking for players who are not rushing through with P2W speed. Solid, consistent advancement is our pace.

    Chat is friendly and informative, and we have a Discord with most of the core group involved there as well.

    In regards to a merge, moving either direction is open for discussion, depending on the number of open slots.

    If this sounds like something you'd be willing to chat about further, please send me a PM here, or look me up in-game at Gonzo, ally code: 734-484-694.

    We appreciate your time!
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    Found guild to merge with
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    Utd Reds looking for merger around half by half.

    We are very old guild that was about 180m Gp some time ago, but we started to lose players recently, only true veterans stays, and have 138m now. We want to find group of similar guildies, who ready to join their major forces with us, and get at the ens at least 180m gp guild. We are in UK time zone.

    We are full heroic guild with a family-style, relaxed environment where we share our love for the game. Check our account -
    If you interested, here what you can expect form our guild -
    Friendly atmosphere without hard pushing and kicking players for every mistake
    HSRaid on farm
    Help in developing wisely your roster
    Good TW win/lose ratio
    We have strong inner structure and clear developing plan
    No strange rules, just common raid ones and some TW guidance
    Here is more detailed info:
    - Raids - We currently autorun HPit and HAAT with 24h registration period. We do Tier 7 of the Sith Triumvirate. All radis is FFA.
    - Territory Wars - For TW, we have a comprehensive defensive structure and specific attack strategy which has given positive win/lose ratio.
    - Guild Reset is at 6:30 pm GMT so all raids are launched then. Rancor raid laucned at 7:00 GMT. Character refresh is at 12:00am GMT.
    Feel free to contact me @Armatores (624-975-176) or join our discord server lobby to discuss anything you might ask:

  • StarForge_Export_sep_20.png?width=1440&height=613

    StarForge sucht Merger..

    Wir suchen für eine unserer Gilden 10-15 Highend Spieler, gern inklusive Führungsspieler, die Offiposten übenehmen wollen.
    Gilden GP liegt derzeit bei etwa 235M, bei voller Besetzung sind 285-290M angestrebt.
    Eure GP sollte daher im Wesentlichen ab min 5-6M liegen, so dass ihr zu den anderen Spielern passt. Discord und Profil sind Pflicht.
    Ihr kommt in eine starke Gilde und profitiert von den Vorzügen eines starken Verbundes mit riesen Server, jeder menge Hilfe, Bots, Fun und Austausch.

    We are looking for 10-15 high-end players for one of our guilds, including leadership players who want to take up officer positions.
    Guild is currently around 235M, with a full occupation 285-290M are targeted.
    Your GP should therefore essentially be at least 5-6M, so that you fit in with the other players. Discord and profile are mandatory.
    You join a strong guild and benefit from the advantages of a strong network with a huge server, lots of help, bots, fun and exchange.

    Meldet euch hier oder auf Discord / Contact me also on Discord:


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    We have found a guild with which to merge. Thanks!
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  • Are you a F2P 4 mil + player? Are your tired of getting lost in a sea of Whales and Krakens? Are you a Whale or Kraken and looking to slow down and help lower level players?

    Darkside Raiders is looking for you!

    We’re a group of F2P players, who have been together since guilds started. We’re currently sitting on 201 million. Our average guild power is 4 million.

    We are a US Pacific coast based guild our Activity reset is 6:00 PM, we run raids at 2pm, 3pm, 4pm all heroic level. We’re doing GEO TB’s: GEO LS - 9 Stars, GEO DS - 23 Stars 8 WAT Shards

    Discord use is mandatory, if you don’t know it’s a free chat application in either Apple or Google store. We have tons of great info in there from years of playing. is a requirement, we don’t require 600 but we’d like you to get as close to possible (more tickets = more raids = more gear)

    Check out our page ...

    Check out our discord server this will get you access to our general chat room, and our #guild_rules ...

    Message me in game at ...


    Message me on discord (Best way)


    If this guild doesn’t interest you we are also part of a alliance with 4 other guilds (who are looking for all sorts of players), maybe I can help you find a great fit!

    We currently have 5 spots but are looking to rehome a few too so if you’re a small group struggling to stay alive hit me up I honestly may have a way to help most of your players stay together.
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    Guild Name: "Band Raki"

    About us: Casual guild looking for active players that join raids and have fun :)

    Guild Power: 32.4 Mil
    Members: 38/50

    Recruiter: "Yodaman" Ally Code: 947-335-393
    Leader: "Roku" Ally Code: 829-847-952

    Raids: Heroic Pit & Heroic ATT!

    Territory Wars: Great success rate
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  • An active progression guild needs some members. We are not super hardcore, no ridiculous requirements or anything, pretty laid back but we are definitely progressing through the game

    - Slashers Slayers
    - 125m current GP
    - we are looking for 10-15 people, could free up more spots if needed
    - All raids on heroic farm, launch time is 7pm EST Time. We are US based
    - TB we get to Wat in DS and can usually manage 12* with the 35 active members we have, dropped a bunch of inactive players so witt a full guild could push further. Currently doing LS Hoth for extra GET1
    - TW we usually win most, pretty set up defense plans set up by officers during prep phase
    - no discord required though one is available
    - only requirement is be active, if you plan to be gone more than 3 days we ask that you let an officer know.

    If interested message me here, in game 888-928-474 and discord MoSkitz#8359
  • We are a growing guild that has been active for several years. We recently lost a few higher GP players wanting access to Geo battles. We have around 20 active players that are F2P, fun, and laid back people to play SWGOH with. We understand sometimes life gets in the way and only ask you let us know if you’ll be gone an extended time.

    Guild Name: Sarlacc Survivers
    Guild Power: 61 Mil
    Members: Around 25

    Recruiter: “BigFoot” Ally Code: 898-334-929
    Leader: “Hondoe” Ally Code: 779-348-751

    Raids: Heroic Pit, Tank, and SITH (we bring in around 5 mercs to complete it about once a week).

    With recently losing around 5 players we are missing TW – although our record was around 10-1. We would love more members or a merger so that raids can be completed more often and hopefully get access to Geo battles in the near future. Message me on here, discord (Big Foot 06#9072), or in-game!
  • Hi All! IRRATIONALLY CONFIDENT is looking for a group of 10 (up to 15) to join us. We are a competitive team focused on TB and TW success, but understanding. We have a wealth of resources for our independent community. When full we are a 280mil+ guild, and our core has been together for many years. We do have a 2nd guild for our less competitive players (Trade Negotiations).

    Here is our roster currently:

    Just got 20* LS Geo being three members down.
    30* DS Geo
    Full Heroic Guild

    Had a group move on to a guild that suits their raid needs and a couple retirees and looking to fill those spots. Raid times are:

    20:00 EST HSTR
    19:00 EST HAAT

    Feel free to join our discord and ask for Swamp, Darth Ascendrial, or Tharann. Thanks for your time, and hope to talk to some of you soon!
    SWGOH.GG - Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Database
    Irrationally Confident · SWGOH.GG
    Check out Irrationally Confident Roster and accomplishments on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
    SWGOH.GG - Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Database
    Irrationally Confident · SWGOH.GG
    Check out Irrationally Confident Roster and accomplishments on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
  • The Power of Bacon is looking for 10-12 active members who love the game

    Due to attrition and other reasons, we're looking for some great peeps who enjoy the raids, TW and TB. All raids are Heroic, and we finish them easily. We typically run DSG TB and LSH TB with 10/38 stars, respectively but would do much better at 50 members.

    Hit me up in game at my ally code 834-948-522. Let's grow and enjoy the game, Star Wars and each other! Discord is requested but not required.

    See you soon on the holo tables!!
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    Astra Imperical- Currently at 43 members with 116M GP however we have between 10 to 20 active. The rest are just leeches who ride for free rewards with bare minimum participation.

    Active members range from 5.9M to 1.1M GP.

    We do all Heroic Raids.

    High win rate for TW. DS Geo 9 stars and LS Geo 6 stars with only 5 Wat shards. Not great due to most members are not participating hence wanting of merger.

    We have a Discord channel, not required however preferred join. Most members are US based.

    Will update as I get updated on info.

    *In the process of a merger*
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    Chairborne Rangers (
    (Invite only)

    We are looking for up to 15 active people to join our guild. We are one independent guild of three in an alliance.
    We prefer that you're Geo DSTB ready or working on it and must produce 10 waves.

    • Must be active - daily players only
    • Must be at minimum level 85
    • Must be at minimum have 3m GP
    • Must have account
    Here's our rules...
    • Be active: do the quest's daily guild activities and generate at least 300 tickets (20 misses in 2 months, get removed)
    • No login for 10 straight days without notifying me, get removed.
    • We have strike system... for TB/TW. If rule for strategy broken, get a strike. 3 strikes, get removed. Rules are as follow...
      • For TW defense, if you join, must score points otherwise get a strike.
      • For TB, anyone do rebel action, get a strike (rarely happened).
    • Geo DSTB: we get about 21 stars, 16 WAT shards.
    • Geo LSTB: we get about 8 stars (doing Hoth for now to get GET1)
    • Hoth LSTB: we get about 42 stars (currently focus)
    • HPIT (Sims)/HAAT/HSTR: 24 hours wait period, start time is 8 local rotating with EST, PST, EU (Germany)
    • Discord is optional - rated PG :)
    Any questions? Or welcome aboard? :)
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  • DarkNebula
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    PhoenixForce II (

    We are currently looking for up to 12 force members to join us on our journey.


    - 150 Million GP
    - Guild Leader Discord contact: Dark Nebula (Discord - Dark Nebula#6053)
    - Positive, friendly, active and helpful guild!
    - Raids: HRancor, HAAT, and HSith


    - Discord required.
    - Must register with
    - Check discord and in game chat on a regular basis.
    - Minimum tickets >450/day.
    - A good sense of humor is highly recommended!
    - Recommended minimum GP: 2.3 million or more, but as exceptions can always be considered.
    - Must be active! (5+ days inactive will result in removal from the guild)
    - Must contribute/participate in guild activities... Minimums for participation:
    1) TW: At least join the TW and post your best defensive squads in appropriate territories.
    2) TB: At least deploy units in TB and fill slots with the units you have in the missions to help out.
    3) Raids: Participation in Sith raids is required. (You get better rewards than if you don't...)
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    Sythbusters is looking to have a guild merge into it. We are 92 mil gp right now with 21 members.
    Mostly casual, We are active daily, but not hardcore. We are a tight knit group with many members that's been together years but need to restructure after removing inactives.

    The only real requirement is to let an officer know if you are going to be gone, so you aren't kicked for inactivity. We are wanting to keep growing and helping each other but need more members to do that. We currently do all raids on heroic, and raid launch time is 9pm eastern time.

    Contact me on Discord for more info: shasu#0072
    Or ally code message: 668-365-764

    UPDATE: We found a good guild to merge with. Thanks to everyone who was asking.
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  • Cats of Tohaido Empire
    46/50 156 million GP
    Fun, friendly, helpful, laid back but active guild. No rules, very chill, we just ask that you have guild chat. We are a mix of hardcore casual to casual casual. Average GP probably about 3 mil. We have a few members above 5 mil who allow us to punch above our weight class in guild events. Core members and leadership have been together since 2017 and committed.
    We would like to absorb about 15-20 members from a smaller guild. We have a bunch of inactive members we can boot to make room. Individual players also welcome to join!
    Ally Code 455-123-913 for inquiries. Thanks for your consideration!
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    Hey everyone! We're The Force Remembers, currently sitting at 130 mil GP, an active casual guild for players that wanna get in on the action but still have a life outside the game.

    We've recently lost a few of our players to retirements so we're looking for a group to join us. Officer spot will be available for any incoming merger. We don't have many rules and prefer staying together.

    We have:

    >Fully heroic guild with regular raids: HSTR 2.5x per week, HAAT/PIT 3.5x per week. Pit simmed.
    >GeoTBs: DSGeo 11* (6-8 Wat shards and improving), LSGeo 5*, LSHoth 35* (will be switching to LSGeo for now).
    >Territory War ~60% win rate, working on meta squads to improve.
    >A chill group of adults from across the world who love Star Wars and all that other nerd stuff (yes we love Star Trek as well haha).

    We're looking for a group of like-minded players to join us. Officer spot available for any incoming merger.

    Please contact me via Discord at Exar Kun#8101 or in-game at 974 961 999.

    Raids start 1600 PST. Guild refresh 1800 PST
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    Merger found. Thanks!
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  • VadersAttorney
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    We are looking for active, quality players to fill out our guild. We lost some members recently due to retirement. We would also be open to a merger. We could take on up to 10 players. An Officer spot would be given to one of the new additions. If you are interested, contact me. Details are below.

    164-mil GP guild with a lot of friendly, helpful players. We run:

    Heroic Sith and Tank raids, simmed Pit raids (all raids have a 24-hour join window)
    Geo TB: DS at about 13-14 stars, and we’re getting Wat shards
    Geo TB: LS at about 6-7 stars, but we mostly focus on DS.
    TWs, usually 2 per week.
    Our reset time is 8:30pm EST (UTC -4)
    We communicate through the Line app. Having the Line app is a must. It is our only non-negotiable requirement. All of our communication is done through there.

    We are casual but active. We have a very friendly group, with a lot of helpful players.
    We have no spending requirements; we only ask three things:
    1. Be active!
    2. Consistently participate in the TWs and TBs.
    3. Communicate! A guild works better together when everyone communicates.

    If you’re interested in joining (or merging!) you can message me through the forum, or in-game (ally code 252-477-693).
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  • Knights of Hawk

    An active competitive guild, who understands that real life happens first. We are looking for 6 active members at least 2.5+ GP range.

    What can we offer?

    192M GP Guild (180GP + range in TW which means great rewards win or lose)

    All Heroic Raids

    23/11* Geonosis, we mostly run LS Hoth for those who need GEC1 for GAS/Malak Shards and LS Geo every couple months for practice.

    18+ Wat Shards

    Fun and Laid-back Attitude
    Active Discord community
    Experienced Leadership

    What do we ask?

    Daily 400-600 tickets preferred, but not required if there are real life circumstances
    Multiple teams ready for TW Defense and Offense (Preferred)and Discord accounts
    Discord and Guild Event Participation
    Discord: rowgar#7607 Ally Code: 798-273-256
  • Disciples of Tulak Hord
    GP: 102M
    Members: 36 but can be trimmed even more (Lost members to boredom, COVID, & military deployment)
    Eastern Time
    Rules: No daily ticket requirement, be active in TW & TB (You're in a guild for those goodies, right?)
    Enjoy the benefits of a guild and still play your own game
    Mix of whales & f2p. Have shepherded younglings before so experience level is no matter.
    All raids heroic, 24hr wait, 4pm start
    Have Discord, but 99% of communication is in game chat.
    Please contact thru in game chat
    Tabular Rasa (312-422-854)
  • We are an active guild that have been together for about a year. Everyone is very casual and supportive, some F2P, some P2P, everyone's great.
    Guild Rules: HAVE FUN - it's a game...just here to play and have fun.

    Some use discord, not all and NOT required.

    Guild Name: "Wolves of Utapau"
    Guild Power: 52.5 million
    Members: 38/50
    Recruiter: "Din Fin" Ally Code: 594-628-429
    Leader: "Ronin" Ally Code: 892-225-138
    Raids: Heroic Pit (Han Solo Shards, near sim), Heroic Tank (General Kenobi Shards), and Sith tier 6, hopefully Heroic very soon
    Territory Wars: Open communication - lots of fun.

    Everyone jokes around and has fun. Some talk more than others. Full range of players. Asking for players to be over 1mil GP, but if there is a group of you that want to join with some over and some below, that's okay too - not too strict.

    Come have fun and grow with us!
  • Phantom Guard is a 181 mil gp looking for up to 5 peeps. 2.5 Mil required but can make some exceptions. We are USA guild that runs heroic raids between 7-9 pm est. We are casual but ask for participation in all events and do not use discord. Currently we are running LS hoth tb and DS geo tb.
    If you have any questions please message me in game 658-966-138
  • The New Division

    We have a blend of players. Some veterans, others experienced. We want to grow, we want to grow together, and we need help to reach our goals.

    About Us:
    • We have 21 members, our guild GP is 28.3M, ranging from 4.7M-226K
    • We do Heroic Pit and HAAT whenever we can, with a 24 hr waiting period, and a six star STR, with a 16 hr waiting period, to include everyone.
    • When we were able to do Territory Wars, we were only defeated once.

    • We expect members to be frequently active, but we're lenient towards those with reasons to step back from the game, such as health and family issues.
    • We don't really care what your GP is, as long as you are active and can contribute to our guild and our activities
    • Be respectful. Anyone who is caught bullying or cheating will be kicked and reported.

    My ally code: 632-835-376
    Morley: 977-433-673
    PurpleWarrior77: 735-329-978
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