Guilds Looking For Mergers - September 2020 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


  • Jabbas bounties
    In alliance with jabbas academy

    Jabbas bounties - 216 mil 47/50
    Jabbas Academy - 145 mil 49/50

    Looking for 10-15 active members for a merge / to join our alliance.
    Both guilds looking to clear the inactive/ non guild players

    Looking for daily players who will contribute to all guild events. Lots of day one players, plenty of experience to be shared. Appreciate that people have lives and that Some people don’t farm the meta. The game is to be enjoyed after all!
    48 hours inactive policy.
    Discord channel for all your needs!

    Both guilds fully heroic
    Pit Simmed
    HSTR/HAAT 24 sign up period.


    DS Geo - 20+ stars / 25+WAT shards
    LS geo - 12 stars
    LS Hoth - 45stars
    DS Hoth - 48 stars

    180 or 200+ mil GP bracket - joining isn’t forced. Great win ratio
    Only requirement- if you join participate

    If you are interested message me here or:

    Ally Codes:
    Me: 215-447-696
    Discord: CJR0509#9880

    MosBlack: 713-934-222
    R2D2: 832-788-271
  • If anyone has a block that would like to join up with us, we are 15 now.

    >> Koinu's Brotherhood

    Looking for active players to fill our ranks.
    Only seeking 1.5mil GP for entry but we may make exceptions if slightly lower.

    There are 15 of us from an exploded previous guild.
    We would like to fill up asap, we have fun and no stress/drama.
    Looking for good people who want to enjoy the game.

    Koinu's Brotherhood
    Current Roster and Ally Codes below:

    Koinu // 4.6mil GP // 357-526-815
    Dante // 4.6mil GP // 746-885-992
    Fblade // 4.4mil GP // 498-582-457
    Rowdy // 3.9mil GP // 982-247-924
    LittleLiar // 3.3mil GP // 383-611-278
    Vlad // 2.8mil GP // 636-117-563
    Dazatron // 2.7mil GP // 657-253-217
    MaulKiller // 2.5mil GP // 224-634-888
    Gilwalker // 2.2mil GP // 418-197-358
    Rinse // 2.2mil GP // 291-189-626
    GDML // 2.1mil GP // 593-376-846
    G3Delta // 2.0mil GP // 615-988-748
    IceRoad // 1.9mil GP // 873-156-869
    Durmataio // 1.3mil GP // 135-321-531
    Nathank // 1.0mil GP // 792-717-797

    Hope to see you soon! :)

  • Looking for 4-5 friends to join a 264mill (270+ when full) UK based guild. We are 50/50 currently but filling the numbers with alt accounts, and there is some deadwood caused by game fatigue.

    Ideally looking for a group of friends that want a permanent home with no fuss. We are competetive day one guild with a casual feel, plenty of bad dad jokes, banter and footy talk on discord. 9pm gmt raid times, 30*dstb, 16*lstb. KAM shards are a focus.

    GP can be negotiated for the right group. Drop me a DM if interested, or pop by the server
  • Madalorian Pride (yes we know the spelling) is an active/casual guild that wants to restore our strengths after several retirements.

    We are a US based (1630 pacific reset Time) guild of 38 manners at 170 mil GP. We would like to merge with a smaller guild of 10-18 or so.

    All raids are heroic with Rancor simmer. We have been winning TW with 2 GL Kylos in the guild. DS geo we are about 14* and 10 WAT shards.

    Bottom line...we like to have fun, compete and build. Come on over and we can do more.

    Contact via game.
    Ally code 532-561-815
  • Cloud City Elite

    We are an active, casual guild that is recruiting. We currently have 13 spots available for any active player or merger.

    No requirements. No daily minimums. We have discord, but it's not mandatory.
    30 day inactive boot is the only rule.

    We value loyalty and participation above all else!

    GP 103M All raids heroic

    My ally code is 183-939-275
    Please contact me in game
    Andur Sunrider
  • Democratic Order Of Planets (DOOP) is looking for ambassadors of awesome!
    US/Canada based, (reset @ 13:00 EDT / 17:00 GMT) though anyone is welcome. Casual Guild

    DOOP has weathered many storms- our core membership and culture will not dissolve. We will accept an incoming merger only if the onboarding players/officers accept utter assimilation and get DOOPed!

    We've been around since the beginning of SWGOH, so there's quite a few vets. It's a family-oriented vibe-- very friendly and real-life comes 1st. Vacations are welcome. Two requirements: 1.) Have fun! 2.) No Richard-holes!

    Current Guild GP 68k; 25 members... Hpit, HAAT, HSTR all on autolaunch. No ticket requirements. With the current roster, we haven't been able to make TW cutoff. Running Hoth TB.

    Discord is used, but not required.
    Questions? Discord: gHzzwrv or Keemasan Corvus#9704 | SWGOH: KeeCorvus (officer) Ally Code 958-814-727
  • Siths do Cangaço (Guilda brasileira - Brazilian Guild, but speeking English if necessary)
    157M GP.....Amigável, relax, mas com integrantes engajados. Regras simples: tente jogar todos os dias e siga as regras nas TW e BT. Pede-se foco na ajuda das BT. TW é mais opcional. - Friendly, but with engaged players. Simple rules: just try to play a little everyday and follow the instructions on TW and BT. Try to help more on BT. TW participation is optional (we win a lot, so it is better to play :).
    Todas as raids heróicas. - All heroic raids
    Geo dark: 15-16 estrelas - DSGeo - 15-16 stars
    Geo luz: 6 estrelas - LSGeo - 6 stars
    Hoth luz: 38-39 estrelas - LSHoth - 38 -39 stars
    Idealmente procurando jogadores com PG acima de 2M - Ideally looking for players with 2M PG and up.
    Contate-me no jogo, se tiveres dúvidas Sapopemba 999-273-678 - Contact me in game if any questions. Sapopemba 999-273-678
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    Update: We found a guild to merge with. Thanks all

    Brotherhood of Black Sun is recruiting 15-20 players! We are open to a merger with motivated and friendly players. We have just cleaned the guild from dead weights so come and join if you are bored of your lazy guildmates or just a nice group of people looking for a fresh start!!!

    Mature, casual but competitive guild : 130+M GP with 33 players (
    All heroic raids (24h join period)
    DS Geo TB : 12 stars + few wat shards
    LS Geo TB : 6 stars

    Looking for people with at least 2.5M GP (could be lower depending on squad mix)
    Participation in TB and TW is required
    Discord is mandatory

    Message Jaybee in-game (421-423-721) for further information

    Update: We found a guild to merge with. Thanks all
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    Edge of aggression is a fun and friendly guild looking for up to 15 active players to merge with us in order to progress Geno TB.
    We farm HSTR at least once per week so welcome anybody who wants Traya shards as well.
    The guild has a friendly and positive attitude which helps us to grow and have fun whilst progressing in content.
    We have a number of open spots for people who wish to play with us so if EOA sounds like a place that you would fit then please come and join us.
    Guild Stats:
    Currently 35/50 members
    HPIT's (simmed), HAAT’s and HSTR on farm
    TB Stars: LS 32 & DS 35
    Player Requirements: sync
    500 Daily tickets (600 preferred) but we understand real life
    Active in HSTR & Geno
    TW’s are not mandatory, but if you join then participation is
    1.5M GP and upwards
    Positive attitude
    If you are interested please DM me or contact me in game, and May the Force be With You!
    Discord: Seanie#3388
    Ally Code: 772-854-195
  • C3POMG its a Rancor is looking for up to 16 members!

    If you are looking for an laid back active guild come join or merge with us. We are a US based guild, with some UK members with currently 121mil GP (3.5mil average). We know that we have lives outside of this game and understand if you can't always be on. We will help you grow if you help us grow!

    Requirements: All we ask is most players 1.5mil and above and participate in the guild events. We DO NOT have daily ticket requirements and DO NOT have character requirements! We also don't require you to join the discord but we do have one for helping teammates with strategies. Lastly, inactivity over a month without notifying one of the officers will result in getting kicked.

    Raids: HPIT @ 10:30am CST, HAAT @ 2:30pm CST, HSITH @ 11:00am CST

    Guild Events: 80% TW win rate, Average of 35 stars for Hoth Rebel Assault, Average of 12 star for Geo Separatists Might

    If you would like to join or merge with us feel free to join us or for more details you can message Mol Eliza Shot First (ally code 794-272-788) or Khal Drago (ally code 137-596-863) in game as well.
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  • Hey everyone! So, we are a 233+ mil stand alone guild that has a great core of quality, long term players 49/50.

    Problem we've had lately is, as we've moved up to the next bracket in TWs etc, its been obvious some of our players have been taking the casual back seat when it comes to farming. We need to pick up the pace, cut some slack and bring in some new players who actually want to play the game to the best of their ability.

    We'd ideally like to take 10-15 people in, preferably to keep our TB stars where they are, we'd like players to be around the 3.5 mil mark and over (we can make exceptions if necessary)

    DS Geo we hit 27 stars with great rewards. We hit 12 last Ls geo.

    Looking for daily players who want to enjoy, but also play the game. We dont want to be one of those crazy micromanaging guilds with crazy rules as we've never been that, but we would like to have a guild full of players who are all working towards something, ie GL, JKL, GAS etc without having to try and herd a group of cats to just try and take part lol.

    Other than that we have a fun, great, active group of people. EST time zone: Raids 5pm EST, Guild reset 9:30pm EST. Let me know if we sound like something you're looking for, or if there's anything you'd like to discuss. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to drop me a message on here, on discord DameronT70X#3261, or add me in game 357 777 266. Would be really great to have you! Thanks for your time

  • The Bounty Hunter's Guild

    Hi there - We are an active, casual guild that is recruiting. Our numbers have dropped recently so are looking to recruit 20 new players.

    We have a good win rate in TW. We have decent TB squads and are targeting more Wat Tambor shards.

    No requirements. No daily minimums. We are use discord when the in-game chat isnt sufficient.

    We are UK based, and happy to team up with US cousins.

    We generally have new recruits at 3.5m power. We like Bounty Hunters, who doesnt, though this isnt a guild requirement ;) We dont have rules other than participate when you can and have some fun on the chat.

    If you want to team up, message me in game:

    My ally code is 321-419-688
  • Cats of Tohaido Empire
    46/50 156 million GP
    Fun, friendly, helpful, laid back but active guild. No rules, very chill, we just ask that you have guild chat. We are a mix of hardcore casual to casual casual. Average GP probably about 3 mil. We have a few members above 5 mil who allow us to punch above our weight class in guild events. Core members and leadership have been together since 2017 and committed.
    We would like to absorb about 15-20 members from a smaller guild. Happy to consider beginners! We have a bunch of inactive members we can boot to make room. Individual players also welcome to join!
    Ally Code 455-123-913 for inquiries. Thanks for your consideration!
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  • Furless Wookies

    35/50 (more are listed on, just inactive)

    3.9 million GP average

    Overall, we are a laid back guild looking for active players. We raid at 6pm Central Time and an occasional 12pm Central Time on Saturdays/Sundays. I know that I misspelled Wookiees when I created the guild several years ago, but I can't fix it :(

    We win most Territory Wars and average 5-6 stars on LS Territory Battle, 11-13 on DS.With 10-15 more members we should be able to push for a much better outcome in TB.

    • 3 million GP would be nice for players looking to merge in with us.
    • Participating in both Territory Wars and Battles

    Feel free to message me here or in the game itself if you are interested in merging! 111-349-766

    -Flagg (Guild Leader for the Furless Wookies)
  • Madalorian pride has merged. Thanks all.
  • Chairborne Rangers (
    (Invite only)

    We are looking for up to 12 active people to join our guild. We are one independent guild of three in an alliance.
    We prefer that you're Geo DSTB ready or working on it and must produce 10 waves.

    • Must be active - daily players only
    • Must be at minimum level 85
    • Must be at minimum have 3m GP
    • Must have account
    Here's our rules...
    • Be active: do the quest's daily guild activities and generate at least 300 tickets (20 misses in 2 months, get removed)
    • No login for 10 straight days without notifying me, get removed.
    • We have strike system... for TB/TW. If rule for strategy broken, get a strike. 3 strikes, get removed. Rules are as follow...
      • For TW defense, if you join, must score points otherwise get a strike.
      • For TB, anyone do rebel action, get a strike (rarely happened).
    • Geo DSTB: we get about 22 stars, 17 WAT shards.
    • Geo LSTB: we get about 8 stars (doing Hoth for now to get GET1)
    • Hoth LSTB: we get about 42 stars (currently focus)
    • HPIT (Sims)/HAAT/HSTR: 24 hours wait period, start time is 8 local rotating with EST, PST, EU (Germany)
    • Discord is optional - rated PG :)
    Any questions? Or welcome aboard? :)
  • Alderaangotshot1st is looking to absorb a small guild/ take on about 15 players. No real requirements besides being a daily player, and follow directions. Would prefer over 1.5 mil GP, but may not consider it for some circumstances. We've lost a few heavy hitters the last couple days, so we are back to 197 million GP. We have a decent TW win, just won our last one beating the clock. We got 19ish Wat shards last DSTB, with 18-19 stars and average 8-9 stars for LSTB. All raids on farm, so if your guild is still going after Traya, we can help. We are not looking to join an alliance.
  • Hey all,

    Galactic Ascendancy is looking for 10-20 new members. We are a group of mostly dads and laidback older folk working up to our first GL's. Some of us are getting quite close! We have a discord that is lightly used which can be found here

    We raid as often as possible and have no problems clearing HSTR. We struggle with participation in TW and TB (and not following clear instructions for teams on defense!). We are very reasonable with inactivity and usually get a handful of Wat shards with each DS Geo battle.

    Looking for active members more than anything. GP is negotiable, but ideally 1.75 mil minimum.

    Please message me on discord (GRONT#3685) or ingame (GRONT) ally code (862-692-284) if you are interested.
  • Strikeforce Wisconsin is looking for 5 players or so to join our guild. Active/Casual guild, 170mil go. 21 DS Geo, 9 LS Geo. US Cen raid times. Being from WI not required although quite a few of us are. Use Discord but not required, although we have a great time on there. Message me or ally code 923-318-646 if interested
  • 10 Gute Member suchen wir die Fear of Dark Side!
    Unsere aktuelle GP liegt bei ca. 230M.

    Für uns zählt in erster Linie der Spaß am Spiel. D.h. ihr müsst unbedingt Lust mitbringen.
    Über alles andere können wir gerne im Detail sprechen.

    Wir haben einen Discord, über den wir unsere Erfahrungen austauschen.
    Ein Account musst Du haben, aber es ist nicht von Nöten sich ständig aktiv zu beteiligen.

    Schreib mich an, wenn Du/Ihr Lust habt.

    Mein ally: 223-867-353

  • Hey everyone!

    We're The Force Remembers, an independent, active casual guild that's been around for a few years. We've had a few retirements in the guild recently, some because of burnout, others because they want to focus more on their family. As a result, we've got space for 10-12 players but can free up to 20 spots for a good merger. Ideal GP would be 2.5 mil + (our current avg is 3). Negotiable for good rosters, especially those with GeoTB squads.

    Guild wise, we're TB focused. Currently doing LSGeo. Did DSGeo last time with 11* and 9 Wat shards and improving. LSHoth is 35-36* with around 15-18 ROLO shards. We're fully heroic with 1600 PST raids and 24 hour join. Run regular TWs, have been winning the last few but there's always room for improvement. Have a few working on GLs but don't have forced farms. Optional Discord. 7 day inactive kick.

    Contact me here, in game @ 974 961 999 or on Discord (Exar Kun#8101).



    Galaxy of Galactic Padawans, 82M GP, HAAT on farm, discord: 7ptVseU
Looking for new players right now! Can accomodate around 10!

    If you're looking for a friendly and awesome guild, look no further!

    About us:

    Part of an alliance* of guilds (Lazy Chiss Warriors), we are 44 players at 82M GP with HPit & HAAT on farm. You can expect a very friendly, helpful atmosphere with an active in-game chat, a very active multi-guild discord. We have a mix of hyperdrive & non-hyperdrive accounts, new players and the alt accounts of long-time players.

    Raiding — Heroic Pit / HAAT will launch when tickets have been acquired. Sith Tier 5
    LS Hoth — 23 ⭐️
    DS Hoth — 25 ⭐️
    TW — 88% wins (28 of 32 so far)

    About you:

    - 1M + GP
    - 450 to 600 raid tickets daily
    - Discord is preferred!

    If interested or you have questions, message me here on Forums, in-game (645-437-767), or join our discord:

    Mik Prat Rel#9897

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Or, check out the other guilds in our alliance, which range from our size up to 200mil+

    *not looking for mercs, thank you.
    Our awesome guild is looking to fill out ranks and advance our TB/TW game. Any small guilds wishing to make light years of progress should join us and together we can rule the holotables. No real requirements besides being a daily player, and follow directions. Would prefer over 1.5 mil GP, but may not consider it for some circumstances. We've lost a few heavy hitters the last couple days, so we are back to 197 million GP. We have a decent TW win, just won our last one beating the clock. We got 19ish Wat shards last DSTB, with 18-19 stars and average 8-9 stars for LSTB. All raids on farm, so if your guild is still going after Traya, we can help. We are not looking to join an alliance.
  • Guild Name: DarthBiffBrigade

    We are friendly guild open to experienced and new players. We expect daily activity, but appreciate that real life happens. Our Discord is optional.

    We just removed some of the inactive members, so we have 10 open slots now. If you are struggling with your current guild, please contact me to discuss a merger.

    Galactic Power is 114M. Our member GP ranges from 300K to 5.8M, so we have both new players and very experienced players.

    We do all Herioc raids, so Traya shards are available to all members.

    We are competitive in Territory Wars, winning a majority of our wars, and looking for players wanting to contribute.
    For Territory Battles, we alternate between the Hoth and Geonosis TBs. This provides fun for new players and opportunities for the more experienced players to earn Mk II Guild Event Tokens.

    Contact Mol Baskin, 626-223-292, in game if you are interested.
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    Hello all,

    Phantom Republic is looking to rejuvenate our ranks!

    We lost a few members due to attrition and are looking for 8-10 active members to join our ranks!
    We can consider a small merger of a smaller guild into us as well!
    • We currently have HPIT on sim and HAAT (FFA) on farm as often as possible.
    • HSTR is on farm, usually finishes within 2-4 hours
    • We do DS Geo (16*, but Wat-focused, about 13 Wat shards per TB currently) and LS Hoth (40*) as our normal cadence, sometimes do LS Geo (8*) and DS Hoth for quests and achievements

    What we are looking for:
    • We require 500 raid tickets daily but understand that life happens too (being active daily is important but when RL happens, we communicate on our vacation channel).
    • We require discord for TB assignments and TWs.
    • 2.5mil is our minimum GP but we will take lower than that with a focused roster.
    • TB and TW active participation (we want to augment our Geo star count and get in more Wat shards and to complete Hoth achievements)

    EDIT1: sp.
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    Guild Name: Grey Side of Force

    Guild: Grey Side of Force is looking to recruit players! The guild has been around from pretty much start of the game and we are looking for players/small-broken-guilds who can help us increase our stars in tb's.

    Currently we are at 36/50 players and still have 152M GP. We demand daily contributions especially to the tb's and tw's, however we do understand that life happens and guild mates can take time off with proper communication and notice.

    The guild is pretty friendly and fun. We encourage people to chat using the guild chat/discord as often as they can to exchange ideas and progress updates. We do all the raids(almost everyone has 7* Traya) and we are currently actively farming Wat(get around 8 shards every tb). We alternate between the Hoth and Geonosis TBs(on light side). This provides fun for new players and opportunities for the more experienced players to earn Mk II Guild Event Tokens. Despite 14 missing players we still manage to get 5* in lstb(geo) and 16* in dstb(geo).

    The best part of our guild is almost all the guild members who have left have happily retired from game without any conflict or switching guilds.

    We have currently just 1 GL in our guild however a few guild members are also close to unlocking GL's in upcoming months.

    To join, please connect with us on discord
    Additionally, you can also PM me here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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    Hi all,

    Is your guild feeling dead or stagnate? Bring over 10 of your friends and join us!

    We have a very friendly and positive group of 40 active guild members, we support each other, are pretty easy going and run heroic raids (including Heroic Sith if you want Traya shards). Guild GP is at 118 million. We have some strong experts to help us co-ordinate our territory war and guild events and have been #winning a lot lately, we win about 90% of our territory wars over the past few months :)

    We are looking to take on up to 10 people to join us (level 80 and above please).
    Our guild leadership has been together for three years.

    We are US (EST and PT) based, and use the in app chat function, plus optional discord channel. We have a few rules, login at least every 14 days (daily preferred), and we have join periods for our raids.

    On the Hoth events we hit 30-34 stars.
    We run the dark side Geonosian event and hit 11 stars.

    Let us know if you have questions -we would love to have you join us and grow together.

    Please reach out and let's chat.

    Sam Wise ( Ally code - 541-139-945 )
    Discord: Samth3star#8935
    Guild Name: Blasters and Beer

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