Guilds Looking For Mergers - September 2020 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***



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    Manetheren is a guild of casual, smart players. The core group of players have been playing together for several years and really enjoy each other's company. But we wish to grow in order to secure better TB rewards. We are a 150 million gp guild of 42 members currently. By getting rid of inactives and alternate accounts, we could make several more spots available. We are looking for a merger with a group of 10-20 people.

    We don't currently use a guild discord. We have better than an 80% win record in TW. We mostly wish to add members to further our TB. We currently average 14 DSTB stars and 6 LSTB.  We sim The Pit, several of us solo HAAT, and Sith are done in a couple of hours on a bad day.

    We have 3 simple requirements: Participate in the gathering of raid tickets; follow commands during TW and TB; and have fun!

    To begin the merger discussion, you may contact me in game or discord.

    Ally Code - 468-756-868 - Manetheren
    Discord - metawar#1251

  • TWD Saviors is looking for a merger. We have a good group of players that has been together for a long time, but recently we lost several members. Some due to stagnation, and others thought they could do better elsewhere. We now find ourselves with a core of about 25 dedicated players. We have an extremely active discord with about 30 channels that include helper bots and strategy help. Yes, we do all raids on heroic, and we've been doing well in DS GEO. We have some very strong members, and our TW strategy has us on an incredibly winning streak. Any guild looking to merge we would be happy to start a dialogue with your officers and ours to discuss the logistics. We are pretty flexible, but would prefer the use of Discord, and we'd be ecstatic if you chose to join ours. Please send me a message, and feel free to check out our SWGOH.GG page to evaluate our guild.


    Discord: Mattx3 (The Saviors)#9270
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    Shrap's Raiders is looking to merge!
    We have room for 10-20 active members
    Allied code 512 987 385
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  • Hi everyone. We are the Wardawgs!
    We are a friendly, casual guild looking for active players to participate in territory wars and battles.
    We are casual with overall GP of 95mil and growing. We have participated in Territory Wars but at times are 1-2 short. We are looking for just a few members that actively play and contribute.
    Have a good mix of free to play and pay to play players. We have an even mix of level 85, veteran players, and new level 65+ people looking to improve. Players range from almost 3 million to 1 million. We have members across the global but mainly Europe.
    As we running HAAT members with 1 million GP minimum. preferred 7* character so you can atleast collect rewards from Hpit and HAAt!
    We run raids as often as possible.
    Just looking to have fun, but at the same time get coveted character shards.
    Will always try to get people on Raid Leaderboard before clearing.
    When doing Heroic raids, will always wait a certain amount of time before starting a raid.
    (time depends on how many people can hit high numbers)
    We clear Heroic Rancor as well as HAAT. Sith raid currently tier 6 but close to HEROIC just need a couple more stronger players
    Come join us in conquering the galaxy!
    If you're interested or have any questions, just drop me a message
    My ally code is 863-713-922
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    Shrap's Raiders is looking to merge!
    We have room for 10-20 active members[/quote
  • GRAYSON ORSO guilld for a possible merge pr group add, with another like-minded group of ~15 players.

    Have 35/50 members now at 150Guild GP and have all 3 raids on auto-start and farm status with join period.

    Based mostly in US, refreshes and AutoPit and HAAT at 8pm CST or 8am sometimes for Sith.

    Territory Battles:
    - We were getting 42-43 stars in the Hoth battles when above 40 members (lost many recently, I think we got poached)
    - 15+ in Geo Separatist Might, and a few Wat shards
    - We tend to alternate Geo and Hoth, but may change if consensus dictates. For changes like that, group chats always go first.

    Main Rules:

    - TW and TB are not mandatory, but if you join, you are expected to contribute Please!

    - We start looking to boot if someone is inactive 5+ days with no messages but overall Very laid back With Solid Growth.

    Request join Grayson Orso or chat me up,

    MIKEYD, ally code: 359-793-963

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